How To Convince Your Boss To Order New Scrubs!

Convincing your boss to get new scrubs is not always an easy task. However, there are several ways you can do it. 

In this post, we'll take a look at some strategies for convincing your boss that getting new scrubs are a great idea—and why they should invest!

Point out the benefits

 In order to show your boss that new scrubs are worth the investment, you need to make it clear that there are several benefits of using them. The most obvious benefit is that they will likely be more comfortable than their old counterparts, longer lasting, and more features. 


Here are some of the many benefits of buying  new scrubs:

  • Comfort:  Old style cotton fabric used in most hospital scrubs is designed for durability, but not comfort, fit or style. They can feel stiff and uncomfortable, especially in warmer weather. Modern scrubs come in a variety of fabric types that you can choose from based on your needs, many are stretchy and have moisture wicking properties which is great for busy days! More comfortable staff are more productive. They can focus on their patients instead of their clothes, which leads to better outcomes for them and the patients.
  • Style: They’re more attractive than traditional scrubwear that can look quite old fashioned. Wearing modern style scrubs will match how forward thinking and cutting edge the service you’re providing is, instilling confidence in your patients that you’re the best at what you do! 
  • Function: New, innovative scrub styles have lots of different features like multiple pockets and pocket placement choices, comfy drawstring or elastic waistbands, breathable and stretchy fabric for maximum range of movement.
  • Fabric: Newer fabrics are more durable than those made from cotton,  are easy care and don’t fade when washed multiple times which means less need for replacements over time. This also means less time needed on ironing - which is always a win!
  • Branding: New scrubs can be a fantastic way to enhance the branding at your clinic or place of business. You can choose scrubs in your brand colours and even get them embroidered with your logo and names!
  • Colour: Of course there are a wide range of exciting scrub colours available now, but if your boss is concerned about not finding modern scrubs in core hospital colours then they don’t need to worry - most modern scrubs (including Happythreads brands) are available in core colours.


Encourage your boss to try the new scrubs styles

While you can't order your boss to try new scrubs, there are ways to encourage them to do so. The first step is to suggest a few styles and colours of scrubs that would work well for the staff. You may even want to show them pictures of how they look on real people (like on social media, models on the website or in our catalogues).


As you're showing these pictures, make sure you explain what makes each style different from another — and why they're good choices for the staff. You might say something like this: “You've probably noticed that there are lots of pockets on these scrub trousers which would be really useful for carrying our essential tools”.

You could then encourage your boss to try a few of the new scrubs styles and colours. By doing so, they will be able to see that they have many benefits over traditional scrubs, which can sometimes be a bit stiff and shapeless, especially if they’re unisex.

If your boss is still on the fence about getting new scrubs for the staff, try this approach:

  • Suggest a few styles and colours of scrubs that you think would look great  on the team.
  • Explain how the features would benefit the staff.
  • Send them a link to the website so they can browse in their own time.


Highlight the cost effectiveness

You know the old saying, “you get what you pay for?”. Sometimes paying more can save you money in the long run. In the case of scrubs, this means buying new, high quality scrubs can work out more cost efficient than buying cheaper, budget scrubs.

how-to-convince-your-boss-to-get-new-scrubs-4Firstly, to convince your boss why new scrubs should be included in your budget, you need to understand what the current budget situation looks like. Is there any room at all in the budget for new uniforms? If so, what is it being used for right now? Once the budget is clear, you’ll be better able to explain why new scrubs are the way to go!

If you've ever worn a piece of clothing that was too short or tight for you, too long or too loose in the wrong places, then you know how uncomfortable and irritating it can be. Imagine wearing your scrubs day after day with no room to move and  breathe! This is why we make sure we supply scrubs that come in inclusive sizes and leg lengths in a variety of styles so that everyone is sure to find a style they feel their best in. High quality scrubs offer more comfort and durability than traditional style,  budget scrubs. When employees are comfortable and confident in their work uniforms they will feel more motivated at work which leads to better productivity!

Main points on cost:

  • Show your boss that the cost of new scrubs may be less than the cost of maintaining old ones.
  • Show your boss how durable new scrubs are, which reduces the need for replacement.
  • Stress how new, modern fit scrubs would make you feel as a team member! For example, all our scrubs come in inclusive size ranges so there’s a choice for everyone.


Colourful or printed scrubs

Brightly coloured or printed scrubs can be a great way to boost morale and encourage your team members to feel good about themselves.

how-to-convince-your-boss-to-get-new-scrubs-5Even better, wearing vibrant scrubs might help your patients feel at ease and put a smile on their face!

  • You can make the case that printed scrubs will have a positive impact on patients.
  • Printed scrubs allow patients to identify with the staff and feel more comfortable, which is particularly important for children.
  • Colourful scrubs give staff members the opportunity to express their personality!


We’re confident that after reading this article, you’ll be able to persuade your boss to get new scrubs. It’s a win-win situation! More comfortable staff are more productive, they can focus on their patients instead of their clothes. Not only will your staff feel more confident at work and enjoy the benefits of wearing new scrub styles, but patients will also benefit from seeing happy faces! By now, you should be ready to approach your boss about a new set of scrubs. You know the benefits and have some ideas for how to convince them. Now it’s time to take action!

Remember your boss is also an employee who wants to be comfortable at work!

 If you have any questions about scrub styles, group orders or logo embroidery,  please get in touch with our friendly and experienced Customer Service Team who will be happy to advise you on your options.  If you would like to request a print copy of our Catalogue, please fill out this form.



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