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Charity Donations


We wouldn't be anywhere without our customers who believe in us and support us. We strive to make them happy and their continuous support makes us happy. But we love to spread the happiness!

We have partnered with many charitable organizations and supported many causes both in Ireland and in the UK. We donate a minimum of 5% of our profits to these organizations.




Our Charity Partner for June, chosen by Happythreads staff members, is Jigsaw, which is an Irish mental health charity which supports young people around the country. For the month of June we will be donating €1 for every order placed on

“The Covid-19 crisis has been tough on our young people in a number of ways, not least in their need for mental health support. We know that demand for Jigsaw’s online services has jumped hugely in the past number of months. We at Happythreads are delighted to partner with Jigsaw this month as they work to find new ways to support young people with their vital service” – Happythreads MD Daniel Plewman

If you’d like to learn more about the work that Jigsaw do, or make your own donation, you can visit them here:

About Jigsaw

We are Jigsaw and we are here to make sure that every young person’s mental health is valued and supported by providing information and support online, through schools, and our services based in communities across Ireland.  

"We are here to help and support young people and their families through these challenging times,” said Justin McDermott from Jigsaw. “Since the beginning of this crisis, our teams have been working tirelessly to re-imagine the support that we give to those who most need it. But demand for our services continues to grow and we have seen over a 400% increase in the numbers of people accessing our online mental health support service So we are so genuinely thankful to all the team in so for very much for their support, it means we can be there for our young people, when and where they need it"


For more information on how Jigsaw can support you, or a young person in your life, with your mental health, please visit  


Update: Thank you to everyone that purchased from us in June - we raised €5000!

Read the donation update on the Jigsaw website





Happythreads is delighted to announce Women’s Aid as our Charity of the Month for May. We will be making a donation for every sale on throughout the month of May.

To see more about the valuable work done by Women’s Aid, and to make your own additional donation, please visit

From Sarah Benson, CEO of Women’s Aid:

“For many of us home is a place of safety in a time of uncertainty and during the Covid19 national emergency, we have all been told to stay home.  However, home is not always a safe place.  For thousands of women and children across Ireland, home is a place of violence and fear.  There is a ‘perfect storm’ of circumstances which is leading to an increase in the number and the severity of incidents of domestic abuse.  In recent weeks, our 24hr National Helpline has seen a 60% increase in demand and we have had a surge in contacts with our online support service.  Women’s Aid is committed to listening, believing and support women experiencing domestic abuse, especially at this time of increased need.  In the days and months ahead we need support to keep our vital services going and we are grateful to receive the help from the staff and customers of Happythreads.”

From Daniel Plewman, Happythreads

We were sad and horrified to learn that the lockdown is increasing suffering amongst victims of domestic abuse.  The whole team would be very proud if our help can provide even a little assistance or relief.

In 2017, 2018 and 2019 we donated 5% of our profits! We hope to achieve that and more in 2020, too!


See who we have supported so far: