Tax Rebate For Healthcare Workers

October is just around the corner, the time when we have to fill in those long and arduous tax sheets. Well that may have been the case decades ago, but now it only takes a couple of minutes to submit your tax information through the website. Here in Ireland there is a very high percentage of people who don’t claim their tax back, with the biggest deterrent being that people think they will owe Revenue money (Irish Mirror Article) however, this isn't the case! There is a list of flat rate expenses you can claim based on your profession.

Like did you know that if you are a medical or healthcare professional you can get a tax rebate from a uniform allowance? A Uniform Allowance is an allowance granted to professionals by the Revenue in the instance that your employer requires you to buy and/or launder your own uniform to perform your job - such as scrubs for healthcare professionals. The allowance is classed as a flat rate (employment) expense, which are expenses that are incurred in the performance of the duties of a healthcare professional and are directly related to the nature of the employee's employment. 


 Take Nurse's or Doctor’s Uniforms for example, nurses can claim up to €1,172 and doctors can claim €1,112 tax back on uniforms over four years. You can find a full breakdown of the level of rebate that you can claim here INMO Income Tax Allowance. The breakdown is as follows:


  • Where obliged to supply and launder their own uniforms. - €733

  • Where obliged to supply their own uniforms but were laundered free. - €638

  • Where obliged to launder uniforms that are supplied. - €353

  • Where uniforms are supplied and laundered by the employer. - €258


Claiming a uniform allowance is super easy. Just follow these simple steps.

  1.  Log into your ‘MyAccount’ through - MyAccount

  2. Click on ‘Review your tax’ in the PAYE services.

  3. Select the Income Tax return for the relevant tax year.

  4. In the ‘Tax Credits & Reliefs’ page select ‘Flat rate expenses’ and add it as a tax credit.


This tax rebate isn’t just open to Doctors and Nurses. There is a comprehensive list which ranges from Attendees to Hospital Porters, Dental and Veterinary workers. You can find the list and rebate values here (Tax Relief List), with the process being the exact same for everyone. The last two years have been the most demanding and challenging for our essential workers. It is vital that this process can be made easy and efficient.

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