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Stylish Scrub Transport Solutions 

In our commitment to sustainability, we have created a recycled laundry bag designed for the transportation of healthcare professionals' used scrubs. The laundry bags are made from recycled scrubs, providing a practical and eco-friendly solution for used healthcare attire that can also be popped straight into the washing machine when you arrive home. 

Choosing our recycled laundry bags has a positive impact on our environment while also maintaining your style. The bags have a toggle closure ensuring your items are secure and are available in a variety of colours. After trying out our recycled laundry bags, you’re sure to never go back to your old ways!

Koi Next Gen Bags

Koi Next Gen bags are much more than simple accessories. They are designed to be your ideal daily companions during your adventures.

Our practical "Gather Me Up" tote bag is perfect for your daily errands; this versatile tote bag will accompany you with charm. Its elegant design and generous capacity make it the ideal companion for your busy days. With two outer pockets and an internal zip pocket along with plenty of room inside, this bag is perfect for carrying all your necessities. You’re sure to love this bag! 

For those who prefer a backpack, our "All You need" bag is the ideal option. It's practical for a busy workday, allowing you to carry all your essentials to balance your professional and personal life. This backpack is designed to meet all your needs, equipped with multiple compartments and clever pockets for optimal organisation of your belongings. With the "All You Need" bag, storing your scrubs and other medical equipment becomes a breeze.

Don't wait any longer and choose our bags to carry your scrubs and equipment with style and convenience!