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Have you ever wondered who to go to for your pet’s skin concerns? Read this blog to learn about Kathryn Cuddy and her veterinary dermatology clinic!
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in the dental industry? Read this blog to learn more about a day in the life of a dental hygienist and therapist!
At Happythreads, we have always aimed to show our customers that they can feel comfortable, confident and stylish in their work uniform. Whether that means wearing bright colours, scrub tops in a feminine shape, or expressing personality through funky accessories like badge reels. If you’d like to apply the dopamine dressing trend to your scrubs uniform it’s simple, choose scrubs or accessories that you know will make you feel good about yourself. That doesn’t just mean wearing bright pink or vivid yellow scrubs, it could mean wearing more neutral coloured scrubs. After all, we all have different personal styles!
Dr Hilary shares with us her insights from her career as a senior emergency medicine doctor with a special interest in Care of the Elderly. Hilary is passionate about advocating for her elderly patients and finds caring for them is extremely rewarding.
Katie Mugan talks to us about her career from General, Paediatric and Public Health Nurse to becoming a full time Lactation Consultant and founding her successful website Nursing Mama.
This week as part of our spotlight on the great work being done by women in healthcare, we interviewed Bronagh Keene aka Ireland's Tooth Fairy!
Read this blog to learn about what kind of superpowers you are sure to develop after working many years as a midwife plus gain some insight into what it's like to work in this profession.
Nowadays, the design and look of medical scrubs are becoming as important as comfort and protection.
Welcome to the third post of our ‘A Day In My Scrubs’ blog series, where we hear from healthcare professionals with different specialties about what it’s like to work in their role, how they spend their spare time and achieve a work-life maa
Written by a psychiatric nurse working in a psychiatric unit in South West Ireland, this piece shares some thoughts and insight into the realities of working in the mental health services at this time of year. It’s important to remember that those who work extra hard this time of year to support vulnerable people and try to bring a little cheer to what can be a lonely time.
This is the second post in our ‘A Day In My Scrubs’ blog series, where healthcare professionals from different specialties give us some insight into what their job is like. In this post, you will hear from Nurse Yusra about a typical day for her as a GP Practice Nurse in Leicester.
It’s an option on almost all of the scrub tops and lab coats we have available on our website - let’s take an in-depth look at adding embroidery to your scrub top - when it’s a good idea, how it works, and what are the best options to choose.
As the colder whether sets in and Christmas approaches, we take a look at some of our favourite winter scrubs, Christmas accessories and secret Santa gifts.
In need of a jacket that's warm but professional looking with your scrubs? Read on to learn about our stylish scrub jackets that'll keep you warm on those chilly days.
We LOVE to hear about your days and get to know the people behind the profession, so we have started a series where once a month you will get to hear about a day in the life of a different healthcare professional - starting with Dr. Abigail Moore!
Wondering which fabric is the best when choosing your scrubs? Learn about what the different fabric types are and what to keep in mind when choosing your perfect scrubs.

Wellness Month At Happythreads

We asked Happythreads staff how they look after their wellness and how employers can help!

Meet Dr Monica Peres Oikeh

Meet Dr Monica Peres Oikeh. Happythreads asked Dr Monica a few questions about life as a GP and work/life balance.
Have you been looking for ways to convince your boss to get new scrubs? If so, this blog will help you make the case for doing so.
No matter your size or body shape, everyone deserves to feel their best, comfiest and most confident in the clothes they wear to work - and this includes scrubs!
It is always the right time to get a tax rebate.
Joggers are about to become your favourite new scrub trousers
Summer is here! Check out the fun new scrubs colours and prints we're stocking at Koi.
We believe medical professionals shouldn’t have to choose between functionality or looking and feeling good in their work attire. Here are some of the reasons you will love shopping at Happythreads!

ChrysVal Scrub Hats

Introducing ChrysVal Scrub Hats - Their Oeko-tex-certified fabrics, fun patterns and adaptable style have made them quickly become a favourite among Healthcare Professionals!
Koi have revamped the Koi Stretch scrubs range completely - now it's softer and stretchier than ever!

A Happythreads Review of 2021

2021 was an eventful year for everyone around the world and it was the same here at Happythreads.
The scrub jacket was designed to prevent hospital professionals from getting sick and has now become essential for all health professionals. Our jackets are made of soft, quality fabric, ensuring unbeatable comfort and very good protection against the cold. Our jackets are very easy to care for, as they are machine washable and dry fast.
Koi has set itself the mission of contributing with its customers to a more sustainable world, thanks to its new collection of medical clothing made with recycled fibres: Planet Koi!
Find the perfect gift whether it's for a friend, relative or colleague working in the healtchare field.
To celebrate the new Koi Next Gen collection release, we decided to take a quick look at the history of the brand, and give you 8 reasons to buy Koi medical scrubs.
On 11th Dec 2020, Happythreads co-founder, Daniel Plewman, joined Conall Ó Móráin and Jamie Heaslip to discuss PPE, scrubs and the challenges COVID-19 brought in supplying them with the increased demand, mounting logistic issues and the added pressure of Brexit import/export restrictions.
Our new recycled laundry bags make washing your uniforms much easier!
As a big thank you to all our healthcare professionals, we have launched a big competition this November!
The current situation has changed how dental professionals have to work on a daily basis. Hear from a paediatric dentist, Dr Abigail Moore, about her experience.

Facemask Guidelines - COVID-19

In this post, we are looking at the guidelines regarding face masks in Poland. Also, we include guidelines on wearing a face mask in public.
We take a look at some of the regulations around mask use in Portugal, and examine whether Ireland will be following suit. We also include some tips for wearing masks safely and correctly.
We know that many dentists are loyal customers of Happythreads, and we thought it might be interesting to see how French dentists are dealing with the issues raised by COVID-19.
It’s definitely true that no two nursing jobs are the same, but one thing that nursing has in common across all of the different types of roles involved is that it’s a high-pressure job with lots of competing demands. Nurses need to be confident that they are putting their best foot forward, and need to know that their nurses uniform will not let them down at a crucial moment. Here at Happythreads, we are determined to provide the best possible uniforms to our nurse customers.

Your First Day In Scrubs

Your first day in scrubs is a huge milestone that you'll probably never forget. Take a look into the past (or your future) at that magic moment - and look at what makes your first scrubs special!
Happythreads on tour! We recently attended the BDIA Dental Showcase in Birmingham to demonstrate our dental scrubs, and we brought along our newest intern, Clémentine. She's written us a report about her experiences and we thought you'd like to read it!

Keeping Warm When Autumn Comes

When you’re working in a healthcare environment, unfortunately, throwing on a long woolly scarf is not usually an option if you’re feeling the chill of the turning season. But don’t worry, here at Happythreads we have a few options for keeping you cosy. The key, of course, is layering.
Want the best of both worlds? Want dental clogs that do the job, that are comfortable, practical and look great? happythreads have answered your prayers. Wait until you see what we have in store for you...
It’s finally here! We at Happythreads are very excited and looking forward to some very early mornings as the group games in Japan continue this week! Whether you’re supporting Ireland, England, Scotland or Wales in the biggest rugby tournament in the world, we’ve got some medical scrubs for you to show your allegiance!
Now that we’ve moved into September and the back to school rush is calming down, it’s time to take a look at everything new that’s come in to happythreads for Autumn/Winter 2019 across all of our ranges. We think you’ll love them!
As the temperature creeps up summer after summer, it can be hard to get through the day in hotter temperatures without wilting. Here are some tips for staying cool in the workplace - including wearing our fabulous Koi Lite range of lightweight summer scrubs, which is perfect for reducing the effect of the summer heat.
Brand new this July - Koi has announced a new collection in partnership with US celebrity designer Betsey Johnson. This cute, feminine collection of designer scrubs is guaranteed to please!
A great thing about Happythreads is that you know that all the staff have tried on all of the ranges and know what makes each individual style special! As part of our 10th Birthday Celebration, we asked everyone at Happythreads HQ what their favourite items are.
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