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At Happythreads, we know the significance of needing dependable uniforms as a veterinarian. Uniforms can affect your professional appearance, and the general running of your clinic. We also understand that your scrubs need to withstand the demands of caring for animals. 

Our large array of veterinary uniforms are selected to meet the requirements of all workers in the veterinary industry, whether you're a vet, vet nurse, or assistant, our uniforms will ensure you are ready for everything. At Happythreads, our garments are made from high quality, reliable materials and are manufactured to tolerate the demands of your profession. You can have confidence in the reliability and strength of our products! 

Assured Quality and Comfort in Veterinary Uniforms

Comfort, fashion, and practicality are at the heart of our veterinary attire. We know that looking for veterinary scrubs that fit right can be difficult, so we aim to supply uniforms that meet our customers unique needs. Our styles, sizes, and colour options cater for all different body shapes and individual tastes.

Large Collection of Fashionable Veterinary Uniforms

We have all your veterinary uniform preferences covered from elasticated and drawstring waistbands, to straight leg or jogger style trousers and numerous convenient pocket options. If you are unsure what size to order, our size guide can help you locate the ideal fit. At Happythreads, we also offer a 90-day returns policy for our customers who get an incorrect size. 

DIscover Relaxing Colours in Veterinary Scrubs

We know the significance of a relaxing and non stressful environment for our furry friends, and how the colour of medical wear can affect their experience. So we offer veterinary attire in calming colours, steering clear of anxiety inducing shades to build a comforting environment throughout veterinary visits. 

We offer traditional colours such as green, navy, wine and charcoal which are extremely popular among our veterinarian customers. However, if you prefer you can always add a splash of fun to your work look with bright shades such as pink, yellow and teal! At Happythreads, we also offer a large selection of vet scrub tops in colourful designs and prints. 

Cost Effective Pricing and Veterinary Accessories

At Happythreads, we serve all budgets and offer premium quality and affordable medical wear in our veterinary collections. However, when you shop with us, “affordable” does not mean a lack of quality. You can find fashionable, reliable and comfortable veterinary scrubs in our competitively priced product range without having to break the bank! 

On top of our comprehensive collection of workwear, we also offer surgical scrub hats and accessories perfect for veterinarians. We supply scrub hats in long and short styles, guaranteeing a secure, comfortable and breathable fit for your hair. If you are looking to add some personality to your uniform, we have many badge reel styles that feature adorable animals which are sure to bring a smile to you and your clients face. 

Top Picks of Veterinary Uniforms

We know there's no one-size-fits-all answer for finding the best veterinary uniform. Based on your clinic's needs, you can explore the Koi Next Gen, Orange Standard, Cherokee and Dickies collections. At Happythreads, we also provide a lighter scrub option in the Koi Lite Collection, which is ideal for caring for certain animal types. 

Customise Your Veterinary Uniform with Embroidery

At Happythreads, we offer an embroidery service so you can attach your name, clinic logo or any other design to your scrubs to add a personal and professional touch. This personalisation distinguishes you, showcases your individual style and increases your professional appearance! We offer discounts for large orders and hold the expertise to personalise your scrubs for any occasion. 

Happythreads for Happy Vets and Happy Pets!

Happythreads is dedicated to helping veterinary workers feel their best. Our large selection of items guarantees our customers get the top products. From premium work attire to cost effective choices, Happythreads make it simple to find the veterinary uniform you need. 

Discover the quality, comfort and fit that you’re entitled to. Once you do, you will be the leader in veterinary fashion. Experience our large assortment today and upgrade your professional appearance with confidence!