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High Quality Uniform Embroidery

What Embroidery Can I Add To My Uniform?

We offer text and logo embroidery. 

  • Text - you can customise the text, font and the thread colour
  • Logo - select one of our stock logos or submit your own logo to be embroidered
  • You can also get a combination of both
  • Most of our embroidery is on the fronts of tops and tunics but we can do sleeve, back or trouser embroidery as well! 

Embroidery Costs


Set up fee: To embroider custom logos, there is a one time setup fee of €70. This is to cover the time and work it takes to get your custom logo set up to the highest standard and costs associated with approving the sample embroidery. Once this is paid the first time, you do not need to pay this again for getting repeat logos printed unless you have changed the logo according the ‘changes to logo’ graph above. NOTE: There is no setup fee for just getting text (name, job title) embroidered. 

Price per side:

Logo only / text* only - €6

Logo + text  - €12

*Text is whatever you type - name, position, department etc. If your logo already has text as part of the image there is no extra charge.

What is the Process of Setting Up Embroidery?

If getting text only embroidered, or if you have previously had your logo embroidered, then all you need to do is follow the ‘add embroidery’ instructions when adding a scrub top to the cart. 

  • Please input your embroidery details at the same time as choosing size. If you are buying multiple scrub tops in different  sizes then you will need to add the embroidery details one by one for each item. For large orders, the fastest solution is to call or email our customer service team to assist you.

If setting up your business logo for embroidery for the first time, this is the process you will follow:

  • Follow the ‘add embroidery’ instructions when adding a scrub top to your cart on the website. While following those instructions, you will be prompted to upload a JPEG or PNG of your logo.  

  • Once your order is received, your logo is converted into something called a  DCS file. Threads colours are then handpicked by our embroidery team.

  • The embroidery team then creates a sample of your logo which is sent to you for approval before completing the order.

Tips from Our Embroidery Team

  1. Thread Colour: When choosing what colour you want your name/job title embroidered in, it’s best to avoid picking text colours that are very similar to the colour of your scrubs as this could mean your text won’t be very visible or effective looking, e.g. black text on black or navy scrubs, red text on red or wine scrubs etc.

  2. Font: When picking the font you want your name/job title embroidered in, choosing the BLOCK font often gives a most professional result. However if you would prefer to choose a script font, then it’s important to note the capital letters might not work very well depending on the text being added. 

  3. Pockets: If you require your embroidery to be placed on the pocket of your scrub top, it’s best to first speak with our customer service team as they will be able to advise if that will be possible based on the size/placement of the pocket. 

  4. Group Orders: It’s very important that when getting embroidery for the first time on multiple items, especially if it’s for a new logo, to order a sample first so that you can make sure you’re happy with how it will look. This will save time and money in the long run as we cannot offer a return on embroidered items.

What we like best about this is the variety of projects. There are always new logos to embroider, and each one is unique! - Chris & Tim

Changes to Logo: 

If you have previously set up a logo with us, but this has since been either completely changed or has had significant updates made, you may need to have this set up again. Please see below graphic explaining the types of changes and how that affects embroidery set up.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to first order your uniform without embroidery and then send it back for embroidery later, please contact our customer service team who will be able to assist you with this.


Please bear in mind that once an item has been embroidered it cannot be exchanged and a refund cannot be issued.

Delivery Time

Please allow an additional 3-4 weeks for delivery if you choose to use the Happythreads uniform embroidery service.


Thank you from the Happythreads Team!