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PPE Blog From An Over-Heated Dentist

This year has presented a whole new level of challenges when it comes to being safe & comfy at work (while still retaining some style!!).

Apart from just having to choose scrubs we now have to contend with visor-induced headaches, chaffed behind-ears, Maskne & being absolutely ROASTING under the waterproof protective gowns.  The solitary upside is that bad hair days are a thing of the past hiding all frizz behind those hats…

My criteria for choosing scrubs has now changed – the most important things for in-surgery scrubs are breathability & lightness so I can stay cool underneath everything. I have been experimenting & have found the Koi BasicsKoi Lite and Koi Next Gen are thin enough and breathable, which is fantastic. My favourite is the Koi Next Gen Ready To Work top & Koi Next Gen Good Vibe trousers – lots of people have complemented my trendy new joggers!!

The number of scrubs we need has increased so the Koi Basics are brilliant for bulk buying so we have enough for fresh ones every session – they have such a pocket-friendly price tag!! 

All the Koi scrubs wash really well at 60 degrees. Koi Lites and Basics are crease-free straight off the line or out of the tumble dryer which given the extra bulk of washing to do makes life easy. Our team has been co-ordinating fresh travel scrubs for wearing to & from work also – it looks great when we’re on the go & prevents us from having to wear any of our own clothes into the clinical environment.


The warm-up coats are fantastic for this to keep us warm – there is a Koi Basics Andrea & a Koi Lite Clarity.  Happythreads has just recently started to stock Koi fleece gilets which we are loving with the autumn winds picking up.  These look amazing branded as well to pack a style punch while staff are in transit. 

We may not have many places to go these days but at least we can still feel comfy & look great going to work!


Dr Abigail Moore is a paediatric dentist at The Hermitage Medical Clinic. Visit her website here

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