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Happy Birthday! Happythreads Staff Pick their Favourite Uniforms

A great thing about Happythreads is that you know that all the staff have tried on all of the ranges and know what makes each individual style special! As part of our 10th Birthday Celebration, we asked everyone at Happythreads HQ what their favourite items are.

koi-lite-serenity-top-teal Happythreads' Favourite

The runaway winner was the Koi Lite Serenity Top, which was number one on a lot of lists! 

Aga, Marketing & Design: It wasn't my favourite at the beginning when I started but when I got to wear it at a trade show it became my favourite. I love the flattering fit and the pockets - they hold so many things. Also, the fabric doesn't irritate my skin, which is a big plus.

Some other top picks from the Happythreads crew:

Daniel, Managing Director: The Koi Stretch Men’s range is my favourite. It’s a very comfortable fit. I also love the ladies Koi Lite Reform tops and am excited about the men’s version which will hopefully be available later this year!

Sarah, Marketing & IT: I really like the Orange Standard Hampton Lab Coat - this one is a bit of an under-the-radar favourite, but it’s a lovely neatly-tailored ladies lab coat at a fantastic price. There’s lots of attention to detail and I like the shorter length.

Heather, Customer Service & Embroidery - My favourite is the Koi Basics Katie top. It’s got a great fit due to the stretchy sides and it’s really comfortable and light. My favourite colour is Azalea!

Jeannine, Customer Service - I love the Koi Lite Peace trousers. They’re lovely and light and they fit so nicely and give you a great shape - they make my bum look nice!

Mathilde, Intern - I love the Cherokee Sunnyvale Print Top. It’s a lovely feminine, jolly, print and it’s really comfortable to wear. Another favourite are the Koi Sara Trousers. They are beautiful and details and again, so comfortable to wear!  


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