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Feed your shoe fetish with Happythreads new nurses clogs

Ladies and gents we just weren't entirely happy making sure you have a fabulous looking top half and bottom in our scrubs UK. After much consideration here in Happythreads we just couldn't rest knowing that so many of you out there, were being forced day in and day out to wear nurses clogs that look a bit like this....mmm we know we can do much better than that! 


 We have been busy bees here in Happythreads and have just added fashionable nurses clogs to our range of fashion forward scrubs UK that you actually look forward to wearing. After much research we decided to go with Suecos Shoes. These nurses clogs offer healthcare professionals a stylish but comfortable shoe for standing on your feet all day in our hospitals. We are offering a special pre order price of €39.99 to celebrate these nurses clogs being added to our scrubs collection.

Why buy Suecos nurses clogs from Happythreads?

  • Well they look us we don't stock ugly nurses shoes! EVER
  • They are antibacterial...we couldn't have those pesky germs floating on by...
  • They have non slip soles...I'm mean seriously, imagine this happening to you in work...mortification or what!
  • Do you like your back? We like your back! And we want your back to stay good and these nurses shoes are shock absorbent.
  • Chemicals are good....Chemicals are bad....if in doubt leave them that is what we have done


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