A Happythreads Review of 2021

It is safe to say that 2021 was a strange year for everyone out there. We had rolling lockdowns while small breaks towards the end of the summer got us through to 2022. Here at Happythreads we have decided to focus on some of the amazing things that happened this year. We had some amazing charity donations, a new forklift and our first trade shows in 2 years in 2 different countries.


In September, We headed for the London Dentistry Show in Hammersmith. Two of our fearless colleagues Aga and Lynda volunteered to brave the crowds. We thought that this would be a quiet affair for the Happythreads Team. We were all pleasantly surprised at how busy the show was and also the interactions with the Happythreads stall. Fast forward a number of months and move to a different country. Our French team rolled into a week-long trade show in France. Long days with long hours are taxing on the body and mind. The team smashed it out of the park considering all of this. In the process, the month of October’s sales were 3 times higher than any other month during 2021. A monster win for the French team at Happythreads! 


These two trade shows last year really showed us what trends were becoming popular to our customers. Customers are really focusing on style and comfort over anything else. The entrance of Koi Next Gen  in 2020 has filled this demand. The sales of Koi Next Gen are through the roof from 2021. We could even see this line become our biggest seller in the next coming years. However, Koi Basics  are still the biggest seller and continue to be the brand that customers keep coming back to. The lightweight and breathable style is popular amongst dentists, nurses, healthcare professionals and beyond. The range that I am most excited for going into 2022 is our Planet Koi. Still early in its’ inception but with growing trends amongst professionals to lean towards a more eco-friendly product. I believe Planet Koi inserts itself seamlessly. “Planet Koi features uniforms made from recycled fibres for a more sustainable world. Koi has partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting biodiversity and helping reforestation efforts around the world. For every Planet Koi garment sold, Koi will plant one tree.” Here at Happythreads, we will be exploring our environmental policies even further going into 2022.


2021 was a hard year for everyone. Our position as an e-commerce business and the products that we sell put us into an advantageous position. Not forgetting one of our founding principles of giving “a minimum of 5% of profits to charity” we continued this in 2021. In October we donated €10,000 to the Marie Keating foundation. I must say having been personally involved in this relationship, it was an absolute pleasure to be able to donate and work with the foundation during the month of October. In September, we decided to partner up with Dentaid in the UK and donated scrubs for their volunteers across the UK and overseas. We are looking forward to working with Dentaid again coming into 2022. During 2021 we continued on a relationship with the LauraLynn foundation. This is a charity that is cherished by everyone here at Happythreads.  We were delighted to supply the staff with scrubs from Happythreads.


2021 was a tough year for everyone around the world. However, coming out of 2021 there have been glimpses of hope. We here at Happythreads are happy to see the end of a tough year on restrictions around the world. Once again we get to see colleagues who live outside of Dublin in person. We are also looking forward to more Trade Shows at home and abroad to connect with our customers and showcase the amazing collection of scrubs that we have to offer. 2022 we believe is going to be the best yet for Happythreads and our customers.

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