Scrub Jacket: A Must-Have In Your Medical Wardrobe

In the past, it was common in hospitals to have to go outside to go from one building to another. This is why the scrub jacket was designed to prevent hospital professionals from getting sick. We can also call it a fleece jacket or a nurse jacket.

The scrub jacket has become essential for all health professionals (whether they work in a pharmacy, a dentist's surgery or a clinic). They are designed to keep you warm in all circumstances: when doors are left open, in air-conditioned areas, in unheated rooms...

We sell various models of jackets: mixed models and more fitted women's models, with zips, collar that goes up, with or without sleeves. They keep you warm and comfortable throughout long nights and cool mid-season days.

Our jackets are made of soft, quality fabric, ensuring unbeatable comfort and very good protection against the cold. Our jackets are very easy to care for, as they are machine washable and dry fast.

Here are some of our jackets with their advantages to help you choose the one that will suit you best:

Koi Lit Welness Jacket


This jacket is slim-fitting and elegant design, ideal to complete your winter medical wardrobe.
This jacket is slim-fitting and elegant design, ideal to complete your winter medical wardrobe.
The front zip closure makes it quick to slip on and easy to remove.
The two front pockets are perfect for storing your medical accessories or slipping your hands in when you are cold.
The jacket is made of polyester so it is very soft and comfortable. It is available in black and navy blue. 



Koi Lit Frealess Vest

Koi Lite Fearless Vest

This sleeveless fleece jacket is perfect for half seasons.
It has a slim cut, with a zip that makes it very easy to put on and take off.
Super soft stretchy fabric and is ultra-comfortable to wear.
Available in two colours to match your medical outfit: navy blue and black.

Pair with your favourite Koi Lite scrub top and our Koi Lite Divine long-sleeve top for an ultimate combo for all temperatures.


Koi Basic Andrea Jacket

Koi Basics Andrea Jacket Koi Basics Andrea


You'll love the look and feel of this modern sporty jacket.
The slim fit and ribbed collar make it very elegant.
It is very practical thanks to its zip and its four pockets (two front and two sides).
Now, which of the five available colours will you choose?



Koi Lit Freedom unisex Jacket

Koi Lite Freedom Unisex Jacket


This super-soft unisex fleece-knit jacket from Koi has a detachable hood, zip up front and 2 large pockets.
This jacket is ideal if you work in a hospital and need to go from one building to another through the outdoors. It will keep you protected no matter what the weather is like... thanks to a detachable hood.




Koi Basic Hayden Jacket

Koi Basics Hayden Jacket


Finally, here is our men's  jacket.

This jacket is elegant thanks to its ribbed collar and cuffs as well as the side slits.
This jacket is also very practical thanks to its zip and its 4 pockets (2 front and 2 sides).
This nursing waistcoat is available in 3 colours to match your medical outfit.



Now it's up to you to choose.

You will find a large range of shapes and sizes. Combine your jacket with one of our coloured medical tops or trousers.


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