Your First Day In Scrubs

As a healthcare professional, your scrubs are probably just part of your everyday wardrobe. You might put them on every single day without even thinking about them until the time comes to get new ones. But that wasn’t always the case. Your first time wearing scrubs might have been for orientation, training, or clinical placement. You may have been assigned a uniform or you may have been told what colour or style to buy yourself

But nevertheless, one day, however long ago, was your first ever day wearing scrubs. You might have felt like you were finally arriving. Scrubs were your uniform, showing that you were on your way to your chosen profession. If it’s been recent, you almost certainly have an instagram/facebook/twitter post celebrating the moment or at least shared a selfie with your loved ones!

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#FirstDayinScrubs. Such a blessing. All blessings from the Lord above #FuturePhysician #MyMeharry #alphaphialpha

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A milestone moment!

Wearing scrubs makes you look professional and competent like you belong in your sector and can help people with their healthcare needs. It might be the first time your outward appearance matched your career ambitions. The sense of being in the right place and belonging with your peers can’t be equalled! It’s a feeling of achievement and also of the potential  - think of all the work and good you’re about to do. Sometimes it’s hard to maintain morale in times of stress. It can be difficult to remember why you do the work you do. Today, think about that first time you wore scrubs and how you felt. You were excited and determined to do your best, whatever the obstacles.

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A day of firsts. #firstdayofwork #firstdayinscrubs #firstdayupatsix #notmyfirstcupofcoffee #selfie #vscocam

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Buying your first scrubs! 

Not all scrub uniforms are created equal! Buying a pair of baggy scrubs from a vending machine is not going to have quite the same sense of excitement as treating yourself to a pair of stylish fitted scrubs. If you’re looking at purchasing your first ever scrubs, here are some things to bear in mind!

Be prepared for COMFORT

There’s a reason people refer to their scrubs as “work pyjamas”. Even the cheapest scrubs are way more comfortable than regular clothes. But it’s when you start to look at higher quality fabric options, the comfort factor increases significantly. Koi Scrubs have a few different ranges that are some of the most comfortable on the planet.

The Koi Classics range features cotton-rich cosy fabric in great styles or the Koi Lite range has a more modern, lighter feel with plenty of stretch and breathability!

Check the size chart

If you’re considering unisex scrubs and you’re a woman, bear in mind that the sizes are often closer to men’s sizes so always check the size guide before selecting your scrubs. Happythreads size guides will show you the common sizes & measurements to help you make sure you're choosing the right option for you. Whether you prefer a looser or more fitted style, there are plenty of options available. It's a good idea to check the product descriptions or even contact customer service to find the right fit for you

Check your Colour

Most scrub styles are available in the “core colours” which are more commonly seen in a hospital setting but more and more clinics, veterinary and dental practices are using colour as a way to stand out with their scrub uniforms. It's always recommended to check with your new workplace to find out their guidelines. You may have to get a specific style, or there may just be guidelines about colour. It's always work asking the question if the information isn't already provided for you!

Be Proud of Yourself!

So, whether it’s your first day in a new job, you’re about to finally start your clinical placement or orientation or you just want to be ready when the time comes, we want you to know, we’re proud of you! Share your #firstdayinscrubs selfies and be proud! - Tag us if you're wearing Happythreads Scrubs too - we'd love to see you!

P.S We also adored this blog post from The Scrubs That Fit - a blog published by the Australian College of Nursing, detailing some of the essentials you might need on your first day as a nurse! We particularly liked this handy tip: "If you are looking at a casual pool or agency position, it’s not a bad idea to grab some plain navy scrubs to have handy."

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