What To Know About Choosing Your Scrubs Fabric

When it comes to choosing the best scrubs for you based on your needs in terms of fabric feel, stretch, shape, breathability and durability, there are a few things to consider. The type of fabric your scrubs are made from affects all of those things so it’s important to keep that in mind when choosing new work uniforms. Some people may feel that cotton scrubs offer a lot more comfort and breathability than those made from polyester, but with current technology and premium fabrics, that’s not always the case. Fabric is now made from a blend of different fibres so that you get the most comfortable, functional fabric for your needs.

We’re going to take you through each of our scrub collections based on what type of fabric they're made from and what time of year they perform best.  Usually, in order to get a great all rounder fabric, different fibres are woven together at different percentages to get the desired performance features, comfort and quality. Let's first take a look at the main types of fabric scrubs are made from and what that means.



Cotton is made from the natural fibres of cotton plants and on its own contains no synthetic compounds. It’s one of the most common fabric types, and many traditional scrubs are made from 100% cotton. Here are some of the main characteristics of cotton fabric:

  • Cotton fabric is generally known to feel very soft and comfortable on the skin. Though there are different types and qualities of cotton fabric.
  • It’s very strong and durable, so it will last a long time.
  • As cotton is a natural fibre, it feels very breathable to wear.
  • A disadvantage of 100% cotton scrubs is that the colour tends to fade quite quickly so it doesn’t hold its colour vibrancy for very long. 



Polyester is a term used for synthetic fabrics which were made using polyester fibres. Here are some of the main characteristics of polyester fabric:

  • Moisture resistant but not moisture wicking
  • Retains shape and drape, wrinkle resistant so minimal ironing
  • Very durable
  • Resistant to shrinking and stretching
  • Quick drying



Also known as viscose, rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric in that it’s made from natural wood pulp or plant cellulose, but then has to go through a manufacturing process to turn it into fabric fibres. Here are some of the main characteristics of rayon fabric:

  • Rayon is known to be breathable and moisture wicking, 
  • Fabric containing rayon is often stretchy.
  • Comfortable and non irritating, this fabric has a smooth, comfortable texture that feels soft to the touch.



Spandex, also known as elastane, is a synthetic fabric best known for its considerable stretchiness. Usually small amounts of spandex fabric are mixed with other fabric fibres to create a comfortable, stretchy piece of fabric.

  • Retains shape really well even after multiple wears, and will always bounce back to its original shape after being stretched.
  • It’s lightweight but very durable fabric.
  • Often used in close fitting garments or sports/performance clothing.


What to consider before choosing your scrubs


Depending on your field of work, you may need scrubs that offer a wide range of movement especially if you do lots of bending down or reaching around patients and equipment. If this sounds familiar, then choosing scrubs made from stretchy fabric would be the most helpful. Equally important, is looking at uniform fabrics that suit best the environment you work in whether it is extra warm or cold all year round, the right scrubs will help with temperature regulation.


I think we can all agree that working long hours can be tough, even when you love your job, so comfort is of the utmost importance when it comes to the clothing you wear. If you have sensitive skin then it’s essential that the feel of the fabric is soft and non irritating. If you find you sweat a lot at work then it’s a great idea to look at scrubs that are moisture wicking so you’re not worried about sweat marks and feeling sticky.


When finding a uniform that achieves the professional look you’re striving for, it’s essential to take fabric into consideration. Look out for fabrics that will fade and shrink easily after being washed a handful of times as these can end up looking less than professional. Everyone has a different body shape and choosing scrubs that flatter can be really important, not only for feeling confident, but also so that your team looks their best in what they wear. Consider whether fabric is stretchy to suit different shapes, and if different leg lengths are an option.


Best All Year Round Scrubs

Koi Next Gen

Made from the premium Next Gen fabric, this collection is super soft and comfortable against your skin all day long. This collection is 4-way stretch, moisture wicking and really durable thanks to the perfect combination of polyester, rayon and spandex fibres. This fabric is also easy care, meaning it can be washed at 60C, is wrinkle resistant and the colours won’t fade so it’s sure to last a long time!

Fabric Composition: 73% polyester, 22% rayon, 5% spandex, weight 175 gsm.


Best Scrubs For Warmer Days

Koi Lite

One of our best selling collections, Koi Lite scrubs are high quality, 2-way stretch and athletic in style. Made from polyester dobby stretch fabric, these are a great choice for summer months as they’re lightweight, airy and sweat wicking. The women’s tops feature ribbed side panels which flatter your shape and help make sure you have full range of movement. Due to the polyester fabric, these scrubs dry quickly and require no ironing so they’re perfect for busy weeks.

Fabric Composition: 100% polyester dobby stretch. Rib trim made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex, weight 115 gsm.


Best Scrubs For Cold Environments

Koi Classics

Made from one of the original soft twill Koi fabrics, the classic collection is cotton rich, super soft and comfortable. Though cotton rich fabrics are really breathable, they’re also ideal for working in colder environments or during winter months as they feel slightly heavier. This fabric is incredibly strong and durable for if you need workwear that can withstand the rigours of your work day. 

Fabric Composition: 55% cotton and 45% polyester, weight 150 gsm.


We’ve got a fantastic range of the best quality scrubs. Cotton, performance, stretchy, breathable… you name it, we got it! We offer modern, trendy styles that come in petite and tall lengths, loose and form fitting shapes, and inclusive sizes. If there’s anything you’re unsure of or if you need help with choosing the best scrubs for your needs, our friendly customer service team are happy to help.


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