What on earth is athleisure?

You may have heard of the term athleisure recently, and if you haven’t - where is this rock that you’ve been hiding under?? Athleisure is a mash up of athletic and leisure wear, basically wearing comfortable and flexible clothing in your day to day life. Think ‘doing the food shop in your gym gear’ and you’ll be on the right track.

Here at Happythreads, we have incorporated this in to our scrub range and you guys have jumped right on board! Our Koi Lite range is made from a 100% polyester dobby stretch fabric, which is really lightweight and non-clingy. The top and trousers have a athletic fit and are easy to wash and wear. The range of colours in these scrubs means that you won’t be stuck for something to wear. We have plenty of dental nurses, medical nurses and childcare workers (and pretty much every other person who wants to be comfortable at work) investing in the koi lite scrubs range - you can do the same here


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