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Wash Bags For Easy Scrub Laundering

Among the many things which have changed in recent times is the increasing urgency of being able to handle your worn scrubs in a safe manner. If your workplace does not handle the laundering and sanitization of used scrubs, the onus is on you to follow the necessary guidelines to ensure your uniform is washed correctly. This involves the issue of carrying your contaminated gear home safely. 


Our customers have asked us about laundry bags - an easy way to store your worn garments enabling you to simply throw them into the washing machine, without the need to handle the scrubs in-between your workplace and your home. We are excited to announce that we have produced a batch of laundry bags in-house! Additionally, rather than sourcing and cutting new fabric, we have used old scrubs (laundering them carefully prior to assembly) and remade them into our new bags so that they are kinder to our environment.







  • After your shift, simply take off your uniform and pop it in the bag. Please note that our bags come in various random colours, but as they have been washed multiple times there is no colour running. However, your scrubs might be newer, therefore we advise you to wash like colours together - you might need two laundry bags eg. if your top is white and the trousers are navy.
  • Wash/sanitize your hands and close the bag using our handy toggle closure.
  • When at home, simply throw the bag with its contents into your washing machine. Our bags can be washed at 60C and tumble dried on low.



We hope our bags prove helpful to all our healthcare professionals, making laundering scrubs easier and creating a safer way of transporting them, minimizing the risk of contamination. 




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