The Scrubs worn on Scrubs

Ever wonder how the actors and actresses on TV shows such as Scrubs, Greys Anatomy and Casualty look so good in their scrubs. We have encountered many Dentists, Nurses and Hygienists who have bought scrubs having seen these TV shows only to find they have purchased an un-shapely, ill-fitted unflattering scrub top.

The reason, most scrubs are unisex products with high polyester content. Design is not a word that anyone had thought of. The stars of the TV programmes would never wear an off the shelf unisex scrub top, apart from sweating under those lights they wouldn’t look so good, see this short clip from the costume department from Scrubs.

The solution: designer scrubs in breathable material. These may cost a little more, but you are wearing them all day. Proper tailoring will enhance the figure, shaping in the right places If you feel happy at work, you will look happy at work and your patients will be happy The koi scrubs and made from a super soft cotton rich material and are fitted to the female form, the user will find them so much more comfortable at work,

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