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The Dental Industry research on Whitening toothpaste a myth or truth? Review from

Everyone has watched the TV ads showing people using Whitening toothpaste, how they smile and how their teeth are perfectly white, sparkling and straight. They really want to draw you to buy the product…. and it does, we are driven by the need to look like Media actors and actresses.  If it’s affordable you can get your teeth buffed and whitened professionally, many do before big occasions like Weddings or family Photo Shoots.

Many toothpaste whitening manufacturers advertise up to three shades whiter or your money back, from research and reviews completed only 40% of those tested found saw some difference after use, some others didn’t find any change at all and some ended up worse with darker teeth!

Remember we can see what we want to see on media adverts but it may not be what we end up with, leaving us disappointed and hard-done-by. We at have always given our assurances on the ranges we supply, Koi, Orange Standard and Dickies. We have fashionable designer scrubs, tunics and dental healthcare uniforms that one can wear feeling good and comfortable in the workplace.  They do as they are advertised to do………… make you feel happy at work! Made from polyester and cotton fabric mixes, they offer warmth and durability for those working in the healthcare, childcare and beauty sectors. So visit our online store today and see what we are talking about

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