Suecos Oden Clogs - Great Print And Plain Styles Available From Happythreads

When you’re working in the healthcare field, you’re usually on your feet all day long. It’s hard on your feet, and it’s hard on your footwear too. All too often, looking after your feet results in shoes or clogs that are not the nicest looking things in the world. While the most important thing is your health and comfort, wouldn’t it be nice to have some dental clogs that aren’t just functional, but stylish too? 

Want the best of both worlds? Want dental clogs that do the job, that are comfortable, practical and look great? happythreads have answered your prayers. Wait until you see what we have in store for you... We have dental clogs in bold and bright colours, but no need to be alarmed as we also stock classic black and white. If you’re looking for clogs, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect work shoe here.

What Makes A Good Pair of Dental Clogs

A good pair of dental clogs should provide a number of things


During a busy shift a healthcare worker could be on their feet for 12 hours at a time. A good pair of dental clogs will be extremely comfortable, to the point where you can put them on and forget them. When wearing shoes for long stretches of time, it’s important that they don’t put any pressure on the foot. The wider profile of dental clogs means that the foot is allowed to breathe and won’t become uncomfortable due to the tightness of laces.


If you’ve ever worn a completely flat shoe with no insole support for a long time, you’ll know exactly what kind of support you need in a dental clog. A nicely-moulded shoe will keep you standing for longer without pain or discomfort. The best dental clogs will even aid circulation, meaning you can keep going all shift long.


Open-toed shoes are a no-no in many workplaces, and healthcare is no exception. Covering your toes to minimise injury from spills and drops is a crucial way to take care of your feet during the workday. Another important part of protecting yourself is to have shoes with soles that reduce the risk of slippage. Keep yourself safe from falls!

Suecos Oden Dental Clogs At Happythreads

Happythreads is delighted to stock Suecos Dental Clogs in the Oden Style. Apart from their funky and fashionable design, they are super comfy which is most important. Not only do these clogs look great but they are also shock absorbent, anti-slip and come with a safety strap. Suecos Dental Clogs feature arch support and ventilation slots to keep your feet happy. They're also specially designed to help your circulation. These dental clogs are ultra-light too. You can just put them on and forget about them!

Suecos Oden Dental Clogs are easy to clean and hygienic - they’re hand-washable up to 50°C and you can easily sterilise them using chlorine. They are also antibacterial and resistant to hydrocarbon, lactic acid, blood, saline, saline water, dissolvent and detergent. 

Available in UK size 3 to UK size 11.5, these dental clogs are guaranteed to keep your feet happy, safe and comfortable while at work. We are delighted to announce that as well as the standard Black and White colours, we have reintroduced some of the fabulous Oden print dental Clogs too! 

Suecos Oden Dental Clogs - Midsummer


If you're looking for something bold and bright, these blue and red floral dental clogs are just perfect. They're bright and friendly and cheerful, just the thing to make a happy practice. They'll work very well with scrubs in Royal Blue, True Ciel, Galaxy, Navy, White and Ruby in particular and they're guaranteed to put a smile on the face of your patients once they see these fun dental shoes.


Suecos Oden Dental Clogs - Liv


A gentle, pastel butterfly pattern adorns these lovely theatre clogs - making them cute and friendly. These dental clogs are perfect if you want to promote a relaxed atmosphere. They'll work well with pinks, purples, teal & turquoise as well as electric blue, grey and even black. If you go for these lovely Liv print dental clogs, you'll enjoy looking great as well as feeling good!


Suecos Oden Dental Clogs - Black/White

If you don't like colour and want classic theatre clogs then no need to worry as happythreads have you covered with our classic black and white Suecos clogs. These Suecos theatre clogs really tick all the boxes when it comes to purchasing the perfect work shoe.   


Why not check out our website and see what else we have in store for you Happy Shopping!!! 





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