Stylish & Comfortable Dental Uniforms at Affordable Prices

Nurses are often the first members of the clinical team that a patient will see so it is important that they make a good impression.  The uniforms for dental nurses play a key role in this, identifying the nurse as an important member of the team.

When choosing dental uniforms one should remember the 5C’s:
  • Clinical:  dental nurses are not beauticians, so the uniform must have a clinical look
  • Comfortable:  you are wearing the tunics all day and they should be designed for the active role of a healthcare professional
  • Cotton:  a minimum of 50% cotton will give the garment the breathability needed
  • Contemporary:  a smart contemporary uniform suggests an up-to-date dental practice
  • Cutmen and women are not the same shape, a unisex product is not designed for the female form. It is also important that the uniform is available in different leg lengths and that all sizes can be catered for.
Many practices have a strict uniform policy and there are certain advantages to this as it creates a professional environment and lets the customer know they are in safe clinical hands. The dental nurse is often the first and last point of contact for a patient during their visit.  It is she who plays a huge role for the impression created for a patient of the practice.    
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