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Should Homecare staff wear Carehome Uniforms?

There are various codes and regulations that impact on carehome uniforms, these will normally depend on their acceptable work practices. Some institutions feel that staff should always be in uniform the way they are in hospitals, others would feel a less formal approach is more acceptable.

Reasons for uniforms in Carehomes

  • Promotes good infection control – as uniforms are worn inside the premises only, less there is less chance of bacteria attracting to casual clothing cross-contamination.
  • Professional Image – It’s a common belief that uniforms give a professional image and represent a quality organization.
  • Uniform ID -  some uniform colours can be of help to certain elderly groups who can easily identify care-home workers by the colour of their uniform.
  • Colour therapy – bright attractive colours can have a positive effect on staff and residents, other pole colours can relax the mood.

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