Print to the Rescue - Customer Confessions - August


This month’s customer story was submitted by Mariana Lozneanu who has won a scrub top for her very sweet story about a print top helping with a nervous patient.

Calming Patients with Colour

My story is about how important the choice of uniform can be for a dentist and their patients. I like to wear colourful scrubs and have a top in a different colour for each day of the week. These cheerful tops really help my patients feel at ease. They don’t like to see us in white uniforms as they can seem clinical and cold. For a nervous patient, this can add to their fear of the dentist and of the pain that they expect to feel. So my colourful tops are very welcoming to patients.

One top, in particular, has a cartoon cat print. Imagine my joy when one of our older, more nervous patients came to the surgery one day, very relaxed, and asked to be seen by the lady with the cats on her uniform. She told me that my top reminded me of her own lovely cat whom she loved very much. Since then we’re best friends and her nervousness is a thing of the past.

Print Tops from Happythreads

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About Customer Confessions:

We always love to hear from our customers about their work and their lives, and some of the stories we hear when chatting on the phone with you can be hilarious, haunting, or heartbreaking. We know you have great stories, and we’d love to share them, whether they’re sad, scathing or sweet.
If you send us a story that we share on our blog and social networks, we’ll send you a scrub top - unless you send a picture which we also use - then you’ll get a full scrub uniform. What’s not to like about that?
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