Nursing Uniforms Tailored to Your Body Shape

All you have to do is figure out which body type you are and then we’ll take it from there!

  1. Curves at bust and hips with narrow waist?
  2. Narrow Shoulders with wider hips?
  3. Narrow/slim build all over?
  4. Broad shoulders with slim hips?

1. HOURGLASS - Tailored lab coats such as our koi Rebecca coat will balance out your figure and provide a sleek, fitted look. Tunics with an elasticated waist are perfect. They offer definition to your figure by showing off your slim waist and then flaring out to cover your hips. Our koi Katelyn top presents the perfect solution. For your scrub trousers try a flare leg to accentuate your shape and balance out the middle. Our koi Sara trousers features side slits on the hem which produce a flared look.

2. PEAR - Being smaller on top means you can easily pull off a print top. Also our koi Justine tunic gives a very flattering shape with an elastic waistband. Also the ladies love the longer fit because it covers their hips and bottom which is perfect for minimizing the curves of the pear shape! Drawstring pants are perfect for this body shape as they can be easily adjusted and loose-fitting scrubs don't feel too tight on your thighs. These will give you a streamlined look as well with a straight leg that falls in a straight line to give you a slim silhouette. Our koi Lindsey trousers match this description exactly! Try them in a darker shade for a slimming effect.

3. STRAIGHT - Avoid simple t-shirt styles. You need features that will give the illusion of curves. Any elastication, ruching or side slits are perfect for making the most of your shape. Print detail and embroidery also draw the eye and flatter your figure. For scrub trousers you should opt for a clean, flat front on the waist. Additionally, a flare leg can add shape to your lower half and balance out your slim build. Our koi Sara trousers are absolutely perfect for those with this body shape!

4. APPLE - Avoid tight tops. You can still achieve a fitted look by getting tunics with a waistline that skim over the stomach but fit well on the bust. V-necks are great to show off your neckline and bust drawing the eye away from your problem areas. For scrub trousers go for a size that sits comfortably around the waist. Find a flat elastic waistband to streamline your waist.  A flare leg will shape your bottom half and also lends a lengthening effect that can make the wearer appear slimmer. For this shape we'd recommend our Dickies Bootcut trousers.

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