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Nurses Uniforms: Important Factors To Consider

It’s definitely true that no two nursing jobs are the same, but one thing that being a nurse has in common across all of the different types of roles involved is that it’s a high-pressure job with lots of competing demands. Nurses need to be confident that they are putting their best foot forward, and need to know that their nurses uniform will not let them down at a crucial moment. Here at Happythreads, we are determined to provide the best possible uniforms to our nurse customers.

What are the requirements for a nurses uniform?

Nurses work across so many different locations - a large hospital may provide their own uniform or have very stringent requirements, or perhaps they will allow any type of scrub top or tunic so long as it matches the ward or role colour. A smaller practice or department may even decide among themselves which is the best nurses uniform to go for.

Nurses Uniforms: Design

One thing that we know is very important for nurses uniforms is lots of pockets - everything from your favourite pen with the really smooth ink to empty sample bottles - a nurse could end up needing to carry plenty with them as they go about their day. All of our nurse tunics are well equipped with pockets for all of your needs.

Koi Lite Serenity - The high-performance fabric of the Koi Lite Serenity is ideal for nurses who are working hard in well-heated locations. The slightly longer length and roomy pockets are also perfect for the busy nurse on the go.

Koi Lite Skye - If you’re looking for plain nurses uniforms with all of the great fabric and features that you deserve, the newer Koi Lite Skye top is a super option. Designed with a minimum of contrasting features, it nevertheless packs a great design punch!

Nurses Uniforms: Comfort

When you’re rostered for a long busy shift you want to be able to put your nurses uniform on and forget about it. You want to avoid any distractions like scratchy or uncomfortable fabric, too-tight, too-loose or otherwise ill-fitting uniforms. Your fabric should be breathable and ideally have a certain amount of stretch. While you might prefer different aspects of tailoring there shouldn’t be too many distracting features.

Our Koi Classics Range has been a perennial favourite for people looking for nurses uniforms, mostly because of the amazing, soft-touch cotton-rich fabric. If you like a more traditional scrub, but with extra cosy fabric, then Koi Classics is a great option. Styles include Koi Nicole Top, Koi Katelyn top, Koi Ashley top and Koi Justine top, and if you’re looking for male nurse uniforms, the Koi Jason top is a great, stylish choice!

Nurses Uniforms: Unisex

Cherokee Uniforms are one of the biggest and most trusted brands in the healthcare uniform industry and are very popular nurses uniforms. We are delighted to supply these to a number of hospitals and practices around the country. 

Our most popular nurses uniforms, especially in large hospitals and wards is the Orange Standard Unisex Set. It combines a more traditional polycotton scrub fabric with great style, lots of pockets and a super range of colours and sizes. 

So whether you’re a staff nurse on a large ward, a clinic nurse a dental nurse or a GP practice nurse, you know that the nurse uniforms from Happythreads are a great investment.



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