NEW Koi Stretch Scrubs – The Softness You Expect, With The Durability You Deserve

If you've been a customer of Happythreads over the years, you'll know that the Koi Stretch Mackenzie scrub top and Koi Stretch Lindsey scrub trousers have been stalwarts and best sellers of the Koi Brand since they were first introduced in 2014. Kathy Peterson, Koi’s founder and president, changed the game with this range – slim fit scrub trousers and a flattering tailored scrub top for healthcare workers who wanted to look stylish at work. The cotton rich Koi signature twill was enhanced with just a little spandex to add stretch without sacrificing the softness. You loved it, we loved it – Koi Stretch Lindsey has always been one of our best selling scrub trousers. .

Now, eight years later, Koi has revamped the Koi Stretch Range completely. The aim of the reimagining was to update the fabric and style with modern technology without sacrificing any of the features you loved about the Koi Stretch Mackenzie and Koi Stretch Lindsey.

New Koi Stretch Fabric

Redesigning a firm favourite might seem like a risk, but Koi have taken the great qualities of the Koi Stretch fabric and re-engineered it completely. Their new fabric combines the soft feel of cotton with increased stretch AND durability, making it even more comfortable for all-day wear. Imagine that amazing cotton feeling, but in a fabric that is wrinkle, fade and shrink resistant. Koi have made this a reality with their new revolutionary Cotton+ fabric powered by Synflex!

New Koi Stretch Fit

NEW Koi Stretch has taken the fitted style of the Koi Stretch Lindsey and Koi Stretch Mackenzie and made it even more wearable with their updates. Firstly, the increased stretch adds comfort. The new scrub top also features longer sleeves which can be turned up to show the contrasting trim. The practical design features you loved about the Original Koi Stretch Scrubs have been updated and improved with the NEW Koi Stretch. Let’s take a look at the new styles.

Koi Stretch Regan Scrub Top

koi-stretch-regan-top-sweet-pink2 Koi Stretch Regan scrub top is an updated version of the beloved Stretch Mackenzie top. With a slightly larger body and longer sleeves, the Koi Stretch Regan scrub top increases your comfort without sacrificing any of the tailoring and look of the Koi Stretch Mackenzie. You still have the same great elasticated pocket on the front (just without the toggle) and the darts in the back which give that great fit and silhouette. The updated fabric still has that great cotton feeling, with added stretch, durability and colour-fastness. If you prefer a tailored scrub top, then the new Koi Stretch Regan Scrub Top is a great option for you.

Koi Stretch Sydney Scrub Trousers

koi-stretch-sydney-trousers-charcoal1Koi Stretch Sydney is an amazing update on the Koi Stretch Lindsey scrub trousers. Still with the same great slim fit leg, Koi Stretch Sydney features Koi’s revolutionary new Koi Stretch Cotton+ fabric powered by Syntec – combining the softness of cotton with the durability of polyester. With eight pockets, including a hidden front pocket, you’ll love the increased comfort and wearability. This slim fit scrub trousers is an excellent choice for durability and colourfastness.

Available in five colours initially, including the very cute brand new Soft Pink colour, we hope you’ll love this updated Koi Stretch as much as we do! Coming soon in True Ciel!


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