Maternity Dentist Scrubs

Thanks to happythreads there is no need for baggy, shapeless maternity dentist scrubshappythreads have a great selection of maternity scrubs in a variety of colours and styles.

Cherokee Maternity Top

First up we have the Cherokee maternity top. This maternity top is great as it comes in a choice of 3 colours, has a large front panel so covers your bump, gives you shape with its empire drawstring and has stretchy side panels making it a very comfy maternity top to wear. People think when you're pregnant you must wear maternity dental scrubs but this is not the case. happythreads have a great selection of dentist scrubs, they may not be maternity scrubs but that doesn't mean you can't wear them, just go up a size in what you usually take and hey presto you have maternity wear and a wider selection at that.  

koi Nicole top

So next up we have the koi  Nicole top. This top makes for great maternity scrubs as it is super comfortable which is a must when you are pregnant, comes in a variety of 11 colours and is made of 55% cotton making it super soft and to wear.   Now that we have sorted you out with your maternity top it's time to talk trousers to complete your maternity dentist scrubs.    

 koi Morgan Trousers

The koi Morgan Trousers definitely fit the bill. These trousers are great as they are made of 55% cotton so are super comfortable, have a drawstring waist so can easily be adjusted which is a necessity whilst pregnant and the ribbed waistband can be worn rolled up or down so you can wear them whichever way is most comfortable for you. The koi Morgan trousers literally feel like you're wearing tracksuit bottoms, but these are not maternity trousers so it is suggested you go up a size in the size you usually would take.    


happythreads have plenty more choices when it comes to maternity dental scrubs so check out our website and find something you will love. 

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