Man Flu

Definition: Simply the single most serious illness in the known universe

The winter is well and truly here, and colds and flu are everywhere. For the female population, this represents a manageable condition, but if you are a man, you already know that the common cold is the source of extreme discomfort for both yourself and everybody within earshot.  Recent studies suggest that men may actually suffer more when they have a cold because high levels of testosterone can weaken their weaken immune response. Men with lower testosterone levels had a better immune response, more or less equivalent to that of women. So, according to science, the more manly the man; the worse the affliction.

We could discuss if man flu is myth or reality but we have no intention of opening that can of worms! Real or not, it would be useful to take some measures to prevent it, to save us all some headaches!

The healthcare workplace is one of the easiest places to catch a cold. Just one sneeze in the wrong direction could lead to a man flu epidemic of crisis proportions. So nurses, dentists and doctors, beware!


Tips for surviving and preventing man flu

If you are struck down with this affliction, we at happythreads encourage the following steps to minimise the pain to yourself and prevent it spreading. The HSE have a guide to the common cold on their website here - we think it will also be a lot of help to Man Flu sufferers.

  • Mind yourself – make sure that everyone in your life is aware of your condition and is on high alert for worrying changes. You should communicate any changes or discomfort loudly and regularly.
  • Keep up a healthy lifestyle. Eat well (food should be served to you regularly). Keep hydrated (a little bell to ring for hot and cold drinks should be provided for you).
  • Keep your surroundings clean to make sure you aren't breeding man flu germs.
  • Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer as needed.
  • Wash your hands often to prevent transmission. You don’t want anyone else catching your germs and stealing your thunder.
  • Catch your sneezes & coughs in a tissue and then bin it!

It's extremely rare that someone with man flu needs to go to hospital, the best place to recover is usually the couch.

If you're a healthcare worker and get man flu, the best thing to do is to stay home. But if you can't miss a shift, make sure to wear the best in men's healthcare uniforms to keep yourself comfortable and looking great while you work.

Koi Men’s Set | Healthcare Uniforms


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