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Many healthcare professionals require a lab coat, from consultants, medical scientists and technicians, to GPs, pharmacists and vets. The white lab coat was not always synonymous with the medical profession. It was first adopted by scientists. It was only in the late 19th Century, when new discoveries and breakthroughs in medicine showed the importance of cleanliness in preventing disease that the medical profession turned to the white lab coat as a symbol of sterility and cleanliness.

Lab Coats available at Happythreads

At Happythreads, we have a wide variety of Lab Coats to suit any style or budget requirements. Today, we’re doing a rundown of the different styles that are on offer across the happythreads website.

Stylish & Standout: 

Koi Jack White Lab Coat

The Jack Lab Coat is the perfect option for men. With soft cotton-rich fabric, a great shape, and pockets to suit every need, it’s a slick, stylish option!

Koi Rebecca Lab Coat

The Rebecca Lab Coat is a beautiful choice from our women’s range. Attention to detail is key here, from the floral fabric detail that’s visible at the cuff to the impeccable tailoring, this is a coat to suit anyone with an interest in looking their absolute best at work

Orange Standard Hampton Lab Coat

The Hampton Lab Coat is another nicely tailored ladies-fit coat that features a shorter length and a great price. This coat is made from a more typical polycotton fabric.

Cherokee Ladies Coat

Stylish and durable, the Cherokee Ladies Lab Coat features a more traditional lab coat style, with notched lapel, but also some nice tailoring designed to look great. Perfect for wearing over scrubs or ordinary clothes.

Unisex Styles to suit everyone

Budget Unisex White Lab Coat

Perfect for anyone working to a limited budget, the Budget Unisex Lab Coat is a great option for medical students with all of the features of a typical lab coat at a great price. Plenty of pockets and a great unisex fit.

Cherokee Unisex White Lab Coat

Durable yet smart, the Cherokee Unisex Lab Coat is a firm favourite with Happythreads customers looking for a traditional-style lab coat.

The Finishing Touch

To add the perfect touch, don’t forget that you can add embroidery to your lab coats to create the perfect look for you or your team. We can add a name and/or department and can facilitate most logos too! For details of our embroidery service and how to add embroidery to your order, you can take a look at the details of our embroidery service.

Oh and one last thing! Studies have shown that lab coats can harbour bugs, so always make sure to wash yours at least every week, and more often if it gets dirty!

Come see our new store

Don’t forget that if you’d like to try on lab coats in Dublin before buying them, you can visit our shop near Ballymount and check out the full range. Opening hours Monday - Friday 10am - 1pm


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