Look No Further for Comfortable and Affordable Nursing Scrubs

Nurses uniforms over the years have changed dramatically – did you know that the uniform originally was modeled on the nun’s habit and some of you may even remember starching your uniform and donning the obligatory cape! Nowadays though, the modern nursing scrubs are much more comfortable and certainly easier to maintain with many opting for a nurse’s tunic and trouser combination.

Traditionally in the past most of the nursing scrubs and uniforms were present in white.  Later additional colours emerged as it was found that doctors were suffering from eye strain due to excessive exposure to white.   These days some hospitals still opt for traditional “whites” but others are selecting from a wide range of options that include exotic colours like “Caribbean Blue” or Flamingo Pink”.   Styles range from cheap nursing scrubs, for those on lower budgets, to high-end fashionable workwear uniforms from well-known designers such as Kathy Peterson who brought us the koi designer brand.

The most commonly used fabric for nursing scrubs is cotton. Cotton is popular as a natural source of material mainly due to its suitability for different climatic conditions as it allows the garment to breathe. It is also more durable and importantly offers a higher comfort level for those working long shifts. There are certain other materials too being used in the fabrication of scrubs, for example polyester which is predominantly found in the budget unisex scrub ranges, however, does offer a much lower level of comfort.

There are several reasons for wearing uniforms in the healthcare sector. Medical uniforms create a more formal and professional look in hospitals. Nursing staff with neat appearances create a good impression for the patients and visitors and the wearing of a medical uniform helps identify different roles and members of the team. As medical professionals are handling patients with a variety of diseases and infections a uniform also helps protect nurses whilst at work and helps restrict the spread of diseases.

In the UK and Ireland in the past many medical uniforms were traditionally purchased from retail outlets or through mail order, however as internet shopping has progressed and become part of everyday life, uniform suppliers have moved their retail stores “online”. This includes leading suppliers such as Happythreads, Simon Jersey and WorkinStyle.

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