Koi Basics - Modern Nurse Uniforms at a great price

Koi’s newest line, launched in late 2017, is the Koi Basics range. The idea behind the new range was to provide modern, fashionable healthcare uniforms at a great price. We at Happythreads love these uniforms, and judging by how popular they are with our customers since launching, we think you love them too! 

Why is Koi Basics so Great?

The perfect modern nurse uniform, the Koi Basics range has lots of the features of the more luxury styles of uniforms, but at a great price point. The Microfibre Stretch fabric is wash and wear, no need to iron, perfect for the busy nurse on the go. It’s also got a nice stretch and is breathable and lightweight. 

For ladies, there are two tops and two trousers to choose from, but Koi haven’t forgotten their menswear range, the Koi Basics Bryan top and Luke trousers are ideal for any male nurse, with plenty of pockets and lots of great little details.

Koi Basics Ladies Styles

Ladies tops include the Koi Basics Becca top which is a plain v-neck design, elevated with some excellent tailoring details, and the Koi Basics Katie top, which has a slightly more feminine fit crossover neck style and stretchy side.

Trousers include the Koi Basics Holly trousers, which are perfect if you prefer a drawstring waistband, and the Koi Basics Laurie trousers which feature an elasticated waist.

The perfect Nurse Uniform

Koi Basics is available in an ever- increasing range of colours - for gents, the latest colours to arrive in the Bryan top and Luke trousers are Royal Blue and True Ciel. Ladies do have the colour advantage with newer colours like Azalea Pink, Electric Blue and Hunter Green.

So if you’re looking for nurse uniforms for yourself or your whole ward or practice, you can’t go wrong with the Koi Basics Range. Don’t forget that any of our tops or jackets can be embroidered with your logo too!


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