Keeping Warm When Autumn Comes

When the leaves start changing and the evenings start closing in, one of my favourite things to do is unearth my winter clothes from where they hibernate at the top of my wardrobe. Cosy knits, opaque tights, and chunky boots are my autumn go-to casual wear, and I could fill a bathtub with all of my hats and scarves.

When you’re working in a healthcare environment, unfortunately, throwing on a long woolly scarf is not usually an option if you’re feeling the chill of the turning season. But don’t worry, here at Happythreads we have a few options for keeping you cosy. The key, of course, is layering. 

Layer Under

We have a couple of longer-sleeved options for you to wear underneath your regular scrub top or tunic. 

Koi Lite Divine Top


First is our long-sleeved Divine top, designed to be worn under your tunic or scrub top (or just worn on its own, like everyone in the office here!). It’s made from a similar fabric to our Koi Lite scrubs, in that it is moisture-wicking and stretchy, with the ever-important thumb holes as an additional feature. We’ve broadened our colour range here too, so you’re bound to find something that suits right here. 

Koi Lite Courage


For the men, the Koi Lite Courage top will do the same job as the Koi Lite Divine top - adding that extra layer for chillier days. It’s athletic-inspired and features performance stretch fabric so it’s not going to slow you down!

Layer Over

We also have a couple of jackets that can be worn over your uniform as an additional layer, including some new additions!

Koi Lite Clarity Jacket


The Clarity jacket is from our Koi Lite range, so as you’ve probably guessed it’s lightweight and and-wrinkle and really great for that in-between weather we’re getting at the moment. I have this jacket in each colour! It’s great to wear around the surgery, or on your breaks at the ward, and we have plenty of healthcare professionals investing in this one. 

Koi Olivia Coat


The Koi Olivia Jacket is a hybrid of a jacket and a lab coat and is available in a range of colours. It’s got a round neck and a shorter length so while you can wear it as a lab coat, you can also use it as a regular jacket to wear either with a T-shirt or a scrub top underneath.

The Koi Olivia Jacket features Koi’s signature cotton-rich twill fabric so it’s soft and comfortable and will definitely help to keep you warm!

Koi Lite Freedom Jacket


We also have a heavier duty unisex Freedom Jacket, which is a fleece-knit and super comfy and perfect for those colder days. It features a removable hood and is exactly what you need if you feel the cold. 

NEW Koi Basics Jackets!

If you’re a fan of the super-popular Koi Basics range, Koi has expanded this year by launching two complementary jackets, one ladies’ style and one men’s style.

Koi Basics Andrea Jacket


A modern, sporty style perfect for layering over your Koi Basics scrubs, the Koi Basics Andrea jacket one of our newest arrivals to Happythreads. The initial launch is for just four colours, but one of them is this season’s standout - Heather Grey! 

Koi Basics Hayden Jacket


A new men’s/unisex jacket that works so well with the Koi Basics Bryan top and Luke trousers. Available in two colours and from sizes XXS to 5XL this great lightweight jacket is comfortable and easy to care for.

For those of you who really feel the chill, you don't have to choose just one option!


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