Happythreads Offers Embroidery Of Healthcare Uniforms


The embroidery option is great for healthcare uniforms. It can be used to reinforce a team approach by getting the practice logo embroidered on all garments. It is important that the uniform supplier has an understanding of how the embroidery options work.

Logos may have to be re-arranged to suit embroidery, the colours may also need to be altered, for example, if your practice logo has elements of navy in it and some of the team will be wearing navy tops, it won’t be seen. So it is important that the supplier works out a solution and sends a proposal to the client for approval before proceeding.

Often individuals wish to choose their own embroidery options, this is very common within the Hygienists and Therapists profession, some of whom work in several practices. There are a range of fun dental-related logos on the Happythreads website and the option of adding their own name in a choice of thread colours. Personalised embroidery allows the patient to identify the Hygienist or Therapist. So if you are looking to embroider your uniforms for dental hygienists and therapists and need any advice don't hesitate to contact us or just visit our website!  

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