Happythreads Employee Spotlight

We’re grilling Happythreads longest standing employee – Olivia!

How long have you been working at Happythreads?

6 Years

What do you do here?

I started in the warehouse, helping to pick customer orders and get them sent out. I moved up to the customer services offices a few months ago, and now I help to answer emails, calls and live chats. We get so many queries about scrubs every day, we’re kept really busy! I also help to process refunds and exchanges.

What's your favourite part of the job?

Clearing emails! I find it really satisfying knowing we’ve kept our customers informed. There’s something really therapeutic about processing customer refunds too.

What's your favourite scrub and why?

Definitely the Koi Lite scrub sets in the colour Light Orchid!! I love the material in these scrubs, and I’m slightly obsessed with the colour. They’re also really stylish uniforms, they come in a petite leg trouser too which is great!

A fun fact about yourself?

People love to take advantage of how gullible I am! I once thought Jamie Oliver had brought out a new 1 ingredient cookbook, it had ice as an ingredient and I still thought it was real!

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