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Find The Right Scrub Shade for You

Choose the right scrub colour for you with the help of our guide. We want to help you find the right shade to complement your skin tone so that you're looking your best at work! Simply pick your skin type below to get our tips and tricks on the right shade of scrubs to be wearing.

Pale Skin

Fair skin is the most common here in the UK. The best advice I can give here is to avoid pastel colours like lilac, ceil and pink. You should wear dark colours to contrast your skin tone and make it pop rather than pale colours which will just wash you out altogether. Warm, deep shades such as amethyst, merlot and Carribean blue will warm up your skin tone and give your complexion back that glow it's been missing! These colours are available in our koi range, try the Katelyn or Justine top.

Olive/Medium Skin

If you're lucky enough to have a tanned glow year round then the good news is most colours suit you! However to really show off your colour you should wear shades that complement and contrast your skin tone. Try to avoid shades falling in the middle of the spectrum and go for lighter or darker colours at either end of the scale. I would suggest trying the sugar plum or turquoise shades from koi

Dark Skin

To flatter your dark skin colour and emphasise your natural undertones go for bold, intense colours. Go for ice blue or flamingo shades in our koi range. The Ashley top comes in a wide range of colours with a pretty trim in coordinating colours. Rich, jewel tones will also compliment your skin beautifully. We have ruby, galaxy and hunter green shades in our koi range in the Katelyn and Justine tops.

For more colours and styles visit for our wide range of nurse scrubs!  

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