Fashionable Nurse Uniforms from Happythreads

To look fashionable at work isn't just for high-powered executives. There is an ever-growing number of healthcare professionals who want to look fashionable and feel comfortable too without compromising their professional image.

At Happythreads we pride ourselves on having one of the largest selections of fashionable, yet affordable uniform collections not only for the dental sector but also for other professionals such as nurses, care assistants, physiotherapists and creche assistants. Most people like to make an entrance, be noticed and be complimented…. that’s why we are constantly updating our styles and adding to our extensive range of colours.

No longer do you have to limit yourself to “traditional blues and greens”, why not try out something new like koi Justine ’ or Koi Stretch Leah?  Nurse uniforms and hospital scrubs no longer have to be plain and boring. Want to go a step further? Why not have your tunic embroidered with your practice logo and name? It’s all part of the Happythreads service to ensure you look and feel good at work.

And yes, Happythreads uniforms not only look good, they fit well too and, with our range of different styles, you can be sure to find an option to suit your shape and height. The fabric used is very hard-wearing with a minimum 50% cotton mix, giving you a soft and comfortable feel that customers say is one of the main reasons they keep coming back for more!

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