Fall In Love With Happythreads Scrubs

Since the launch of Happythreads in 2009, our goal has been to provide healthcare workers of all professions with complete work uniforms that exceed their expectations in terms of comfort, quality, style and affordability. We believe medical professionals shouldn’t have to choose between functionality or looking and feeling good in their work attire. Here are some of the reasons you will love shopping at Happythreads:



1. We believe that comfort is of the utmost importance when it comes to workwear. Wearing stiff, scratchy and ill-fitting scrubs will not leave you feeling your best, especially after working a long shift like many healthcare workers do. It’s essential to find a uniform made with fabric that feels soft against your skin, and allows you full movement and flexibility throughout your work day. We think you should feel as comfortable in your scrubs as you would in your pyjamas (just more professional looking!).

Finding the right size is also important and at Happythreads you are sure to find scrubs in a wide range of inclusive sizing, as well as trouser lengths in petite, regular and tall.



2. Functionality is undoubtedly an essential feature of healthcare uniforms. We understand that no two healthcare professions have the same needs in terms of clothing functionality, so it was important for us to supply a collection of scrubs in a variety of fabrics, shapes, stretch and pockets.

If breathable, sweat and moisture-wicking fabric is what you require, then the athletic style Koi Lite range is a perfect choice. For someone who needs to carry lots of items on the go, from penlights to tape and sanitizer, then pockets are a must. The Koi Next Gen Hustle and Heart Top and Good Vibe Jogger have a combined 9 pockets - perfect for carrying the essentials! Whether you’re a doctor, veterinarian, dentist or nurse it’s important to find the best scrubs to suit your needs.

We know your days are extremely busy, tiring and often mentally draining and the last thing you want are high maintenance scrubs. This in mind, Happythreads provides medical scrubs that were designed to make the daily life of healthcare professionals as easy as possible. HappyThreads supplies scrubs that are very low maintenance and easy-care. There are a variety of scrubs options including different neck shapes, 4-way stretch, easy care, and cotton rich fabrics.



3. Everybody deserves to feel confident and comfortable while at work, and the type of healthcare uniforms you wear can have a big impact on that. Modern scrubs offer much more than just functionality, there are now scrubs of many colours, shapes and fits to choose from which will allow you to express your personal style but still look professional. One way to let your personality shine is through different colours; if you love jewel tones then try Koi Basics in colours Eggplant or Carribean, or for brighter shades Koi Lite in Green Tea or Azalea Pink would be fabulous! There are also lots of neutral options available.

At Happythreads, we always favour the most trendy and colourful medical uniforms when choosing our products. However, colourful scrubs can serve a purpose more than just personal style. Firstly, colour can be used to help patients and medical professionals alike to distinguish between different departments. If you’re part of a team, you could all wear the same colour scrubs but with different necklines for individuality, or mix and match one coloured top with a different pant - the choice is yours. Secondly, colour choice might help patients feel more comfortable during their visit, especially if you’re working with children.


4. Value for money means more than just low cost scrubs, it also means getting a product that is durable enough to withstand daily wear and washing while preserving their quality in terms of fit and colour. All of the scrubs we supply are made from high quality, fade and shrink resistant fabric, so they will remain vibrant and comfortable for as long as you need them.

Let’s not forget our quality after-sales service, which is provided by a responsive team determined to make YOU its priority and make HappyThreads customers feel valued through their helpful and efficient customer service. You can contact us via phone, email, chat or any of the HappyThreads social media channels with any queries.


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