Embroidered Medical Uniforms

Have you considered embroidered medical uniforms or lab coats for your team?   It is becoming popular to create a team environment by having the organisation's logo or names on all tunics or scrubs.   Before taking the plunge make sure your uniform provider has an understanding on how the embroidery process works.   The logo may have to be re-adjusted to suit either the style or colour of the garment selected and in some cases the logo colour may even need to be altered.  For example, if you select a black top and your practice logo has elements of black in it,  it won’t be seen.   We recommend you get a proof beforehand of what it should look like before signing off.  And certainly if you are buying a number of items why not get one done first to ensure it looks right before you go ahead with the remainder.

Happythreads offer some standard in-house fun dental related logos which have proved popular with Dental Hygienists and Therapists, who work across several practices.   Take it a step further and why not add your name and develop your own personal branding.

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