Dental Tunics and Scrubs for Your Practice

Many dental practices require a more individual look and seek a uniform that reflects their personality and profession, they may wish for something more than the generic scrub top or a beautician’s tunic. The work of the Dental Professional is active and so the clothing, for example their dental tunics and the footwear they wear must be comfortable, through the breathability of the fabric and the fit of the garment or shoe.

Work clothing should look smart and allow the individuality of the wearer to shine through. What does your uniform say about you? Does it say,  ‘I am professional, I am clean and I am happy at work’. The team may wish to look different from the beauty care professionals and often find that the high polyester content of these dental tunics do not offer enough breathability for the active role undertaken by Dental Professionals.

The traditional scrub top is a unisex product that does not flatter the female figure. Some companies have bridged this gap by providing breathable uniforms specially designed for the female figure while maintaining the correct clinical appearance, these are sometimes referred to as a designer scrub. Many practices have a strict uniform policy and there are certain advantages to this, as it creates a professional environment and lets the customer know they are in safe clinical hands. Practices may wish to have different teams in different colour schemes but with a degree of continuity.

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