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Customer Confessions July - Scrub Life

July's Customer Confessions is a little different - this month we're featuring a lovely poem by Dental Nurse Fiona Murphy. We think this one fits nicely into the category of Scrub Life!

Scrub Life

Monday Morning starts my Week,
Coffee Mug plays Hide and Seek,
Dental Nurse RARING to go,
Magic FM on the radio...
Scrubs at the ready,
Coffee finally in hand,
At last I get the urge to Stand..
Rubber Gloves and Prophy Tubs
Await a Dental Hygienist in Purple Scrubs!
I Salute the Sunshine of the day
And see the first patient as I make my way...
Surgery 2 where I shall stay..
Down in the mouth..facing south..hours of cleaning..Until Patients rewarded..
Another Day in my Trusty Old Scrubs
Now Splattered with Prophy from the tubs...
It's fair to say
We've shared some Miles
But 'Together' we've created...

by Fiona Murphy

Thanks so much to Fiona for sending us this great poem. We loved it!

About Customer Confessions:

We always love to hear from our customers about their work and their lives, and some of the stories we hear when chatting on the phone with you can be hilarious, haunting, or heartbreaking. We know you have great stories, and we’d love to share them, whether they’re sad, scathing or sweet.

If you send us a story that we share on our blog and social networks, we’ll send you a scrub top - unless you send a picture which we also use - then you’ll get a full scrub uniform.

What’s not to like about that? You don’t have to make it about us - we want to hear about YOU!

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