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ChrysVal Scrub Hats

Last November, some of you probably had the chance to meet us at the Dental Showcase in London. (You might remember the magnificent orange stand!)


For those who missed it, while the Happythreads team were exhibiting medical clothing at the event  we had the chance to chat with many people and get some feedback. Something that repeatedly came up in discussion was the difficulties health professionals sometimes have in sourcing high quality, comfortable scrub hats. 


We listened and the Happythreads team set out to find scrub hats that would meet specific requirements: quality, originality, and above all comfort and adaptability for different hair types. In 2019, we met a beautiful artisanal brand called ChrysVal at a dental showcase. When we returned again in 2021 and happened to find ourselves placed side by side, we fell in love with the ChrysVal brand’s story and purpose and realised that ChrysVal scrub hats would be a perfect match for the Happythreads brand and our customers!


Who are ChrysVal


Founded by Cynthia Andre in 2012 after designing a perfect scrub cap for her nurse aunt, ChrysVal is a 100% French artisanal company managed by a team of passionate, talented women. They create handcrafted scrub hats for medical professionals with the aim of providing the best quality products for their customers.


What are the made from


These medical caps are made from 100% cotton, breathable and antiperspirant for ultimate comfort. Easy to care for they are machine washable at 60°c, tumble dry friendly, and are infinitely washable.They are unisex so can be worn by everyone, are suitable for all hair types  and come in two different styles - short caps and long caps.



Short Hats

The short caps are suitable for both short and long hair, with the ponytail out. They cover the forehead and fall over the top of the ears. Adjustable, they fasten from the back and tighten to the wearer’s liking.


Long Hats

Long caps - Ideal for those with very long or thick hair that need to have it completely covered and are a similar style to those worn on Grey’s Anatomy.



Pick a scrub cap that reflects your own unique style, whether that’s classic and minimalist or fun and patterned. ChrsVal scrub hats come in a variety of vibrant colours and exciting patterns that are sure to help you express your personality and feel your absolute best while you wear them! Whether you’re a lover of spring florals, summer dreaming with pink flamingos or would love some cute pandas that would make anyone smile there is a scrub hat for you.


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