8 Reasons To Buy Medical Scrubs From Koi

To celebrate the new Koi Next Gen collection release, we decided to take a quick look at the history of the brand, and give you 8 reasons to buy Koi medical scrubs.

Koi was founded in 2006 by Kathy Peterson, who previously worked as a designer for major fashion brands, in a small, cramped flat in Los Angeles. From the start, the brand's goal was to design medical scrubs that medical professionals would love to wear.

Indeed, in 2006, "medical uniforms" and "fashion" were not words you heard in the same sentence. Most of the time, scrubs were blue or green and made of material that was often not very comfortable. 

Koi is shaking up the market with these functional, fashionable, flattering and ultra-comfortable uniforms. Isn't that ideal for a day at work?

So why should you buy a Koi medical suit? Here are 8 reasons that might interest you. 

  1. The company does not rest on its laurels and is always looking for ways to improve. They are constantly modifying, testing, redesigning and rethinking their blouses to make them even more wearable, functional and modern.

  2. The brand values the smallest details in its products, making them unique and trendy. 

  3. Koi knows and understands its customers' needs and the elements they may face during a working day, enabling them to offer the right medical clothing. 

  4. Starting with comfort, when working 12-hour shifts, we need to feel good in our clothes. Some medical jobs can be stressful, you have to be responsive to any situation. So feeling comfortable is one of the most important things.

  5. The clothes also need to be resistant to washing at high temperatures, as stains are inevitable in this profession. And to top it all off, there is no need to iron them when they come out of the machine.

  6. Koi is designed for both men and women and for all health professionals without exception (doctors, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, etc.).

  7. The brand has created many collections, so that everyone can find something they like. There are all kinds of styles, colours, but also a range of prices.

  8. There is a strong emphasis on employee diversity and the company stresses that it is thanks to them that the brand is where it is today.

  9. It is one of the few independent companies in the sector to be run by women.

  10. Lastly, the brand is involved in several charities.

We hope these 8 reasons will convince you to try a Koi medical scrubs. Once you try it, you won't be able to live without it. 

We offer different collections: Koi Classics, Koi Lite, Koi Basics, Koi Stretch, Koi Next Gen & Planet Koi. You are bound to find your ideal medical outfit that will make a difference.

Find out more about our Koi medical clothing here

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