5 Reasons To Choose Colourful Scrubs!

Nowadays, the design and look of medical scrubs are becoming as important as comfort and protection.
Some health professions such as dentists, veterinarians, physiotherapists, nurses and more, have the chance to choose their own medical clothing.
At Happythreads, we advise you to be bold with colour and colourful scrubs! To help you choose the colour you like, our inventory extends to 21 colours, so you have plenty of choice!
However, since not all professions are able to wear colourful scrubs, we also have a more classic range of colours with black, grey, and blue shades, as well as simple white.
Here are 5 reasons to choose colourful medical scrubs (if you can!):


1. Differentiate yourself

Wearing colourful scrubs allows you to stand out.

We are used to seeing white coats... but galaxy, eggplant, or electric blue is not as common! It is rare to go to the dentist and see them wearing a turquoise coat, and if he/she does so, the patient will remember it. This will help to make a mark!


2. Boosting team morale

We spend an average of 15% of our lives in the workplace, so it's important to feel comfortable in your work clothes.

Having colourful scrubs will allow your employees to be more cheerful, happier to wear their clothes and therefore be more excited to go to work.


3. Reassure patients

Patients can be stressed or overwhelmed when they arrive at your office. But with your colourful scrubs, the atmosphere can become more relaxed.

Regularly we have clients telling us they've gotten compliments on their coloured scrubs from their own patients.

 "Nice fit and good quality. Easy to wash and wear, nice colours. I've gotten a lot of compliments from patients; they love the colour." — Alice.

Isn't it nice to get compliments from patients? So go for colourful scrubs!


4. Distinguish between the different services

Some of our clients choose different colours for different positions and departments. This will allow the patients to quickly recognise the role of each and find their way around (especially in large structures).


5. Image of the practice

It may seem like a small detail, but your clothes reflect the image of the practice. If you and your staff are dressed neatly in smart uniforms, you will immediately improve the impression your practice gives and this in turn will grow the trust of your patients.

Some firms choose the same colour as their logo to create or reinforce brand image among their patients and clients.
Here are some of the colourful items that are popular among our customers:

Koi Basics Becca Charcoal

  • Classic V-neck with 4 pockets
  • Printed interior at the collar
  • 3 new flecked colours available (Wisteria, galaxy, and azalea pink)
  • 21 colours available


Koi Basics Katie Wine Top:

  • Crossover cut with 4 pockets
  • 17 colours available


Koi Lite Serenity Caribbean Blue Top:

  • Double zipper with 4 front pockets
  • Ribbed fabric pieces on the sides
  • Side slits
  • 19 colours available


Koi Lite Force Royal Top:

  • V-neck
  • 2 large side zippered pockets and a pocket on the chest
  • 12 colours available
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