5 Quick Tips to Look Great in your Work Uniform

Chances are, you spend more time in your work uniform than in your pyjamas so it should be both comfortable and look great. Luckily, scrubs are pretty much the most comfortable work uniform in the world so that side of things is covered. Here are some ways to help you look your best.

1. Get a work uniform that fits.

If you’re a Happythreads fan, you’ll know that scrubs don’t have to be baggy and shapeless. Choosing a flattering fit for your body shape is a great way to look and feel great in your uniform. If you’re not within the “average” size range, or if you’re bigger on top than on the bottom, it can be very difficult to find scrubs that fit properly. Worse still, if you’re taller or shorter than average, finding the right scrub trousers can be very difficult indeed.

Luckily, here at Happythreads, we have uniforms in sizes ranging from XXS to 5XL, so there is something for everybody. Even better, there is no extra charge for plus size uniforms. We also cater for people of different heights, with trousers lengths from extra petite to tall*

2. Don’t be afraid of colour.

koi-lite-reform-top-light-orchid-true-ceilOnce upon a time, all scrubs were white or blue, but things have brightened up considerably over the past few years. While not appropriate for every situation, today’s bright colours can help you express your individuality or flatter your complexion.
If you have the option to select your own uniform colour, or you’re responsible for selecting colours for your workplace, expand your palate and open your mind.

3. Choose the right fabric.

If you’re a fan of classic fabrics, choosing a rich twill will add a touch of luxury to your uniform, and choosing a higher cotton percentage will increase the comfort level significantly.

There aren’t many people in life who love ironing. If you do, that’s great. But if you don’t, wrinkles are probably the bane of your life. So why not prevent them happening in the first place? Modern fabrics are designed to do away with hours spent slaving over a hot iron.
Our Koi Lite range doesn’t require ironing at all. Just give your work uniform a good shake when it comes out of the washing machine and the wrinkles will just fall away!

4. Hair, Makeup and Accessories

accessories-246x300Most workplaces will have rules or guidelines about makeup and jewellery for safety reasons. Minimising your accessories is also a plus, because heavy jewellery, heavy makeup and bright nail polish can take the focus off of you and be a distraction to your patients. There’s also the added bonus of taking less time to get ready in the morning.
Neat, Natural and No-Fuss is the ideal.

An interesting watch, a delicate necklace, subtle earrings or a cute hair accessory are good ways to add a touch of your personal style. Keep your makeup on the neutral side - match your foundation to your skin tone, add low-key eye makeup and a subtle lip colour. Chances are that you’re not going to have time for retouching during your shift, so simple is best.

If you have long hair, Pinterest can be the source of many tutorials for up-dos to add individuality. If you have short hair, keep your style trimmed and work in a little product to add texture and funk it up.

5. Take Care of Your Uniform

We know that uniforms often need to survive for a long time before being replaced.
Keep them looking well as long as possible by following the care instructions on the garments. Wash your scrubs separately to your other laundry if possible.
For easy care fabrics, no ironing is needed, but even with traditional polycotton mixes, shaking them out after washing and hanging them up to air dry will minimise wrinkles. Then, a light ironing will keep you looking fresh and professional.

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