3 Simple Tips for looking Fashionable and Professional in Nurse Clothes

We share 3 simple tips for looking fashionable at work but still maintaining that all important professional image.

Go for Tailored Cuts  - we all know men and women are different shapes, so go for a ‘tailored tunic’ instead of unisex, for a more flattering style.  See all the different ‘cut’ options on our website for males and females.

Colour Choice – if you are lucky enough to choose your own dental uniform colour, pick one that suits your skin tone and complexion. Most of our scrub tunics and trousers come in 10 different colours so there’s a shade to suit everyone. Some dentists choose the same solid colour for tunic tops and bottoms but why not be different and instead opt for a mix ‘n’ match option, even changing with the seasons eg Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter colours.  A hot autumn/winter trend this season is our koi Ashley Tunic in Cool Blue or Turquoise (with Navy trim).  Combine it with koi Sara Trousers in Navy for a great look!

Personal Branding – forget name badges and instead personalise your uniform by having your practice logo and your name embroidered on the front or back of your tunic, or even both! Alternatively, simply select one of our standard logos. 

Let Happythreads take the hassle out of shopping for your nurse clothes.  Our online store allows you to browse and shop at a time that suits you. We also offer FREE shipping on all orders with no minimum purchase required. Happythreads…..be happy at work !  

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