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Did you know??? Some happy! facts about Valentine’s Day

  • Started back in the day in the Roman era with Claudius II who didn’t want his soldiers to marry in war-time, he felt single men made better warriors. A bishop named Valentine performed secret wedding rituals for those who wanted to marry, he was caught and imprisoned where he wrote a love letter to the women he loved and signed it……..” from your Valentine”
  • The Red Rose was the flower of Venus the Roman Goddess of love.
  • 3% per cent of pet owners will give Valentine’s Day gifts to their pets.
  • In the 1800s doctors would recommend that women eat chocolate claiming it would heal heartbreak and claim them down. This is why many women to this day will find comfort in a box of chocolates.
  • In 1537 King Henry VII declared the 14th February the holiday of St. Valentine day.
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