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  • An exciting insight on our new Koi lite Scrub range.

      The end of the year is approaching and here at Happythreads we  never fail to disappoint. Why wait until 2019 to introduce our exciting new colours within our  Koi Lite range? This scrub range is growing more popular each day. Introducing
  • Christmas is coming!

    Feeling Festive and looking for the perfect gift for family and friends this Christmas? Why not visit our Happythreads website, where you can find an outstanding range of scrub uniforms for nurses, dentists, doctors etc. From one of our scrub ranges
  • Halloween is coming.

      Worrying about Halloween Costumes and left it too late? Don't worry we have it covered here at Happythreads. Coming in a wide variety of styles and colours, you can be sure we will not disappoint. Want to dress up as a Zombie Doctor, a Vampi
  • What on earth is athleisure?

    You may have heard of the term athleisure recently, and if you haven’t - where is this rock that you’ve been hiding under?? Athleisure is a mash up of athletic and leisure wear, basically wearing comfortable and flexible clothing in your day to d
  • Look Cool, Stay Cool!

    These summer months have been a record-breaking, sweat-inducing, smile coaxing, ice cream eating affair - and all of us here at Happythreads have been loving it!   Or, mostly loving it….. It’s no joke sometimes, trying to put your head down
  • Happythreads Employee Spotlight Take 2

    Next up in the hot seat is Happythreads newest employee – Claire!     How long have you worked at Happythreads? 3 months   What do you do here? I work in customer service, generally answering questions about scrubs by email or phone
  • Happythreads Employee Spotlight

    We’re grilling Happythreads longest standing employee – Olivia!       How long have you been working at Happythreads? 6 Years   What do you do here? I started in the warehouse, helping to pick customer orders and get them sen
  • More top picks to beat the summer heat!

    I couldn’t choose between the Koi Classics or Orange Standard scrubs – so I’m doing both! First up, is our ever popular Koi Classic uniforms. These have really stood the test of time, and are constantly evolving whether it’s new styles or c
  • Top picks to beat the summer heat

    I don’t want to jink it, but how amazing is this weather we’re having?! We’re definitely feeling the heat in the office, so I can only imagine how our friends in the healthcare sector are feeling. Chances are, you’re spending a lot of time on
  • Using Embroidery To Improve Staff Appearance & Customer Relations

    At Happythreads, we’ve been embroidering scrubs for the last 9 years – and we love it! It’s grown in popularity so much, that we invested in our own small embroidery machine a couple of years ago. It helps us turnaround small uniform orders qui

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