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Happythreads Orange Standard Healthcare Uniforms, Scrubs UK, Medical Uniforms & Nurses Uniforms UK as seen on Sky 1's Critical


Sky 1's new hit medical show 'Critical' is pushing the boundaries in terms of medical shows and Happythreads certainly pushes the boundaries in the world of medical uniforms, healthcare uniforms and scrubs. In case you haven't already seen it Sky 1's 'Critical' is a real time one hour medical show that focuses on one story. It is a complete roller-coaster ride in terms of emotions and heart stopping suspense. Every second counts as the doctors and nurses try their utmost to save the patient. Happythreads are delighted to be supplying medical uniforms, scrubs UK and healthcare uniforms to this ground breaking new medical drama. As you will see Critical is like no medical show gone before it and Happythreads medical uniforms, healthcare uniforms and scrubs UK are like no uniforms you have ever worn before. 


Orange Standard Medical Uniforms, Scrubs UK and Healthcare Uniforms as seen on Sky'1 Critical
Orange Standard Scrubs UK, Medical Uniforms, Healthcare Uniforms as seen on Sky's Critical

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